Get Image Upload URL for Instance Data (ARM)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates an image association to a specific Profile or Interaction instance and returns a SAS-based URL that enables you to subsequently upload the associated image.


The request is constructed as follows:

HTTP Verb Request URI

URI Parameters

URI Parameter Required Description
subId Yes The Azure subscription ID
rgName Yes The resource group name
hubName Yes The name of the Customer Insights Hub

Request Body

The body contains a GetImageUploadUrlRequest that specifies the instance to which an image will be associated.


The response includes a response body, an HTTP status code and a set of standard response headers.

Response Body

An ImageDefintion that describes the associated image, including a SAS-based access URL.

Status Code

  • 200 (OK) - if the synchronous request completed successfully.
  • 400 (Bad request) - if the input does not have the required fields or if the relative path is invalid.