Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API Reference

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

These APIs are exposed by the Customer Insights Azure Resource Provider, and for callers are only accessible through Azure Resource Manager (ARM). (Note that the Azure Resource Manager REST API is provided for programmatically working with this parent service directly.)

Because Customer Insights is a standard Azure service, its ARM APIs are available in two supplemental forms:

The Customer Insights ARM API provides RESTful services to perform the following functions:

  • Manage the Customer Insights Hub
  • Manage access policies and roles assignments for a hub
  • Manage the customer Insights Data Connectors
  • Manage application views and widgets
  • Work with Customer Insights Profiles, Interaction, Links, and KPI types
  • Associate images with entity types and instances

Once a Customer Insights Hub is programmatically or administratively created, the hub endpoint can then be used to call the Hub APIs. There is much functionality overlap between the ARM and Hub APIs, as detailed in Customer Insights API Quick Reference.

Authentication to ARM APIs

Authentication is through Azure Active Directory (AAD), just as for any other APIs based upon the ARM Resource Provider (RP). For more information see the following articles: