Create or Update Data Connector (Hub)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a new or updates an existing Connector used by a Customer Insights Hub.


The create/update Connector request is constructed as follows:

HTTP Verb Request URI
PUT <hub-endpoint>/manage/connectors/<connectorName>?api-version=2017-04-26

URI Parameters

URI Parameter Required Description
Hub-endpoint Yes The base URL for your Customer Insights Hub.
connectorName Yes The name of the connector to create or update.

Request Body

A JSON object describing the Connector metadata, in the form:

     "ConnectorName":"<Connector Name>",
     "ConnectorType":"<Connector Type, i.e. AzureBlob, Crm,  etc.>",
     "DisplayName":"Connector DisplayName",
     "Description":"Connector Description",
     "ConnectorProperties": "<Connector-specific properties>"

Where ConnectorProperties is JSON metadata object specific to the connector type. For example, the ConnectorProperties for a Azure Blob Connector would have the form:

    "connectionKeyVaultUrl": <Keyvault-secret-URL-for-blob-connection-string>


The response includes an HTTP status code and a standard set of response headers.

Status Code

  • 200 (OK) - if the update request completed successfully.

  • 201 (Created) - if the create request completed successfully.

  • 401 (Unauthorized) - if the sender does not have write access to this resource.