Create or Update Role Assignment (Hub)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a new or updates an existing Role Assignment in a Customer Insights Hub.


The request is constructed as follows:

HTTP Verb Request URI
PUT <hub-endpoint>/manage/rbac/roleAssignments/<assignmentName>?api-version=2017-04-26

URI Parameters

URI Parameter Required Description
hub-endpoint Yes The base URL for your Customer Insights Hub.
assignmentName Yes The name of the Role Assignment to create or update

Request Body

A JSON object that contains a Role Assignment type definition, for example:

    "role": "Admin",
    "principals": [{
        "principalId": "4c54c38ffa9b416ba5a6d6c8a20cbe7e",
        "principalType": "User"
        "principalId": "93061d15a5054f2b9948ae25724cf9d5",
        "principalType": "User"


The response includes an HTTP status code and a standard set of response headers.

Status Code

  • 200 (OK) - Update request completed successfully.
  • 202 (Accepted) - Update request accepted and is being processed.
  • 400 (Bad Request) - Validation fails or invalid JSON.