List Segment Members after Continuation (Hub Data)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Lists the Segment members added after the specified continuation token.


The request is constructed as follows:

HTTP Verb Request URI
GET <Hub-endpoint>/data/segments/<segmentName>/addedMembersDelta?continuationToken=<continuationToken>&batchSize=<batchSize>&api-version=2017-04-26

URI Parameters

URI Parameter Required Description
Hub-endpoint Yes The base URL for your Customer Insights Hub
segmentName Yes The name of the segment to custom Profile (entity set) type
continuationToken No The continuation token that marks the start of the member set
batchSize No The size of the returned resultset.


  • The continuationToken parameter marks the last member processed in the current segment. If not provided, the segment membership will be read from the start.
  • Every response contains a continuation token that can be used in the next request to return the next batch of members. If addedMembers collection is empty, the segment processing has completed. Additional members may be returned after the next dynamic segment evaluation.
  • The batchSize specifies the maximum number of members returned to the client; if not provided, it’s value is set to 1000.


The response includes an HTTP status code, a response body and a set of response headers.

Response Body

The body contains a JSON object with two members: a continuation token and the membership ProfileID array, for example:

   "continuationToken": "456",
   "members": [{"ProfileId":"cust004"},{"ProfileId":"cust018"}]

Status Code

  • 200 (OK) - the request succeeded.
  • 400 (Bad Request) - invalid URI parameters, often an unrecognized continuation token.
  • 404 (Not Found) - the named segment was not found.