Metadata Type Definitions

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

This section contains the data types used throughout the Customer Insights public APIs, including the Hub and ARM APIs.

The types used in the Hub APIs (and the similar operations in the Hub API) are based upon the OData entity model. Under this model, an entity set is the collection of all the instances of an entity type. For example, Profiles is the entity set for the Profile entity type. OData-based APIs are based on entity sets, for example, the following requests the full set of Profile type instances in the current application.

GET <hub-endpoint>/manage/model/Profiles

In contrast, the following requests a single Profile type with the unique name "Customer1":

GET <hub-endpoint>/manage/model/Profiles/Customer1

For more information, see API Requests and Responses.

Returned Collections

This section does not contain type definitions for returned types that represent linked collections that have the form:

    value: [<array-of-entity-instances>]
    nextLink: <string-URL> 

Where the nextLink parameter will be missing if there no additional results. These types will be returned for LIST operations. Returning "chunked" results is a compromise between returning a single value at a time and the entire resultset. This approach is typically used for List operations, for example List Hubs (ARM).