ConnectorMapping Type Definition

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Once a Connector channel is established, a ConnectorMapping can be created to define the metadata and data sources for each associated Profile or Interaction type.


Property names appended with asterisks* are required.

ConnectorMapping properties

Property JSON type Description
connectorName string Name of the associated connector (readonly)
connectorMappingName string Name of the mapping (readonly)
connectorType string [ "None" | "CRM" | "AzureBlob" | "Salesforce" | "ExchangeOnline" | "Outbound" ]
created string (Datetime) Creation time of the mapping (readonly)
lastModified string (Datetime) Last modified time of the mapping (readonly)
displayName string Display name for the mapping
description string Description for the mapping
dataFormatId string Identifier of the data format (readonly)
entityType* string Mapped entity type ["None | "Profile" | "Interaction" | "Relationship"]
entityTypeName* string Name of the mapped entity type
mappingProperties* ConnectorMappingProperties[ ] Collection of additional properties for the mapping (see below)
nextRunTime string (Datetime) Next run time based on customer's settings
runId string Execution identifier (readonly)
state string [ "Creating" | "Created" | "Ready" | "Expiring" | "Deleting" | "Failed" ] (readonly)
tenantId string Hub name (readonly)

ConnectorMappingProperties properties

Property JSON type Description
folderPath string Folder path for the mapping
fileFilter string File filter for the mapping
hasHeader boolean Indicates whether the file contains header or not
availability* ConnectorMappingAvailability Availability of mapping property (see below)
completeOperation* ConnectorMappingCompleteOperation Operation to perform on import file after mapping (see below)
errorManagement* ConnectorMappingErrorManagement Error management behavior (see below)
format* ConnectorMappingFormat Format of mapping property (see below)
structure* ConnectorMappingStructure[ ] Ingestion mapping information at property level (see below)

ConnectorMappingAvailability properties

Property JSON type Description
frequency string Time unit: ["Minute" | "Hour" | "Day" | "Week" | "Month"]
interval* int Combined with Frequency to specify time interval. The minimal frequency we allowed is 15 minutes.

ConnectorMappingCompleteOperation properties

Property JSON type Description
completionOperationType string Operation to perform on the import file after successful mapping: [ "DoNothing"
destinationFolder string Destination folder where files are moved after importation (only valid for "MoveFile")

ConnectorMappingErrorManagement properties

Property JSON type Description
errorManagementType* string Specifies action on error: ["RejectAndContinue" | "StopImport" | "RejectUntilLimit"]
errorLimit int Specifies the maximum number of errors allowed in a data import operation

ConnectorMappingFormat properties

Property JSON type Description
formatType* string Type of formatting, currently only: "TextFormat"
columnDelimiter string Column delimiter used, e.g. ",", ";", "-"
acceptLanguage string OData language spec
quoteCharacter string Quote character to indicate enquoted fields
quoteEscapeCharacter string Escape character for quotes, if required
arraySeparator string Character to separate array elements

ConnectorMappingStructure properties

Property JSON type Description
propertyName* string Property name of the mapping entity
columnName* string Column name within the import file
customFormatSpecifier string Custom format specifier for input parsing
isEncrpted boolean True if the the column is encrypted; otherwise false

JSON example

    "connectorMappingName": "testMapping12491",
    "connectorName": "testConnector8858",
    "connectorType": "AzureBlob",
    "dataFormatId": "4619d4e7e8a64c1e9bc34907f9f46505",
    "description": "Test mapping for data #12491",
    "displayName": "Test Mapping #12491",
    "entityType": "Interaction",
    "entityTypeName": "TestInteractionType2967",
    "fileFilter": "unknown",
    "folderPath": "",
    "hasHeader": false,
    "state": "Created",
    "tenantId": "sdktesthub"
    "type": "Microsoft.CustomerInsights/hubs/connectors/mappings"
    "mappingProperties": {
        "availability": {
            "frequency": "Hour",
            "interval": 5
        "completeOperation": {
            "completionOperationType": "DeleteFile",
            "destinationFolder": "fakePath"
        "errorManagement": {
            "errorLimit": 10,
            "errorManagementType": "StopImport"
        "format": {
            "columnDelimiter": "|",
            "acceptLanguage": "",
            "quoteCharacter": "\\\"",
            "quoteEscapeCharacter": "\\\"",
            "formatType": "TextFormat",
            "arraySeparator": ";"
        "structure": [{
            "columnName": "unknown1",
            "isEncrypted": false,
            "propertyName": "unknwon1"
            "columnName": "unknown2",
            "isEncrypted": true,
            "propertyName": "unknwon2"