Field Type Definition

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

The Field type is used to define custom properties in other types, thereby providing some data extensibility. For example, it is used for this purpose in the Profile and Interaction types.


By the public release, the Field entity type may be renamed to Property.


Property names appended with asterisks* are required.

Property JSON type Description
fieldName* string Name of the custom property
fieldType* string Type of the property: [edm.boolean | edm.datetimeoffset | edm.decimal | edm.guid | edm.int16 | edm.int32 | edm.int64 | edm.string]
isArray boolean True if the property is an array; otherwise represents a single instance
isEnum boolean True if the property is an enumeration
isFlagEnum boolean Reserved for future use - Specifies if the property is a flag enumeration
isImage boolean Specifies whether the property is an image. In case of images, the other Image property values will have the relative paths of the image. Actual Images should uploaded using Image Management APIs.
isLocalizedString boolean True if the property represents a localized string; otherwise false.
isName boolean True if the property is an entire or partial name; otherwise false.
isRequired boolean True if the value for the field is required when type instances are ingested; otherwise false.
propertyId string Identifier associated with the property
schemaItemPropLink string URL encoded item link for the property
maxLength integer If fieldType is string, specifies the maximum allowed length
isAvailableInGraph boolean True if property is available in graph; otherwise false.