Hub Type Definition

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

The Hub type represents the Azure Hub resource. It is allocated and managed according to the standard Azure Resource Manager model.


Property names appended with asterisks* are required.

Hub properties

Property JSON type Description
id string Hub resource identifier (readonly)
name* string Hub name (readonly)
type string Azure resource type
location string Azure hosting region
properties HubPropertiesFormat[ ] Additional properties of the hub (see below)
tags map[string, string] Resource tags

HubPropertiesFormat properties

Property JSON type Description
apiEndpoint string URL of the API endpoint for the hub (readonly)
webEndpoint string URL of the web application endpoint associated with this hub (readonly)
provisioningState string Hub provisioning state: ["Provisioning" | "Succeeded" | "Expiring" | "Deleting" | "HumanIntervention" | "Failed" ] (readonly)
tenantFeatures integer Bit flags for enabled hub features: 1 indicates enabled whereas 0 indicates disabled. Bit 0-graph; bit 1-hub; other bits are reserved.
hubBillingInfo HubBillingInfo Customer billing information for the hub (see below)

HubBillingInfo properties

Property JSON type Description
skuName string The Stock Keeping Unit that uniquely identifies the service plan
minUnits integer Minimum number of billable units
maxUnits integer Maximum number of billable units

The billing schedule for Customer Insight usage has not been finalized, but may be based upon the size of the data store, the number of ingestion, analysis and reporting operations, and so on.

JSON example

    "id": "testHub2839",
    "location": "East US",
    "name": "TestHub2839",
    "type": "Microsoft.CustomerInsights/hubs",
    "tags": {
    "properties": {
        "apiEndpoint": "",
        "webEndpoint": "",
        "provisioningState": "Creating",
        "hubBillingInfo": {
            "skuName": "B0",
            "minUnits": 1,
            "maxUnits": 5
        "tenantFeatures": 0