PredictionTrainingResults Type Definition

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

PredictionTrainingResults represents the model training results of the predictive analysis.


Property names appended with asterisks* are required.

PredictionTrainingResults Properties

Property JSON type Description
tenantId string Name of the owning hub (readonly)
scoreName string Name of the score (readonly)
primaryProfileInstanceCount integer Instance count of the primary profile (readonly)
predictionDistribution PredictionDistributionDefinition Definition of the prediction distribution (see below)
canonicalProfiles CanonicalProfileDefinition[ ] Definition of the canonical profiles (see below)

PredictionDistributionDefinition Properties

Property JSON type Description
totalPositives integer Total positive in the distribution
totalNegatives integer Total negatives in the distribution
distributions {integer scoreThreshold, integer positives, integer negatives, integer positivesAboveThreshold, integer negativesAboveThreshold}[ ] Definitions of a prediction distributions

CanonicalProfileDefinition Properties

Property JSON type Description
CanonicalProfileId string Canonical profile identifier
properties {string profileName, string profilePropertyName, integer rank, string type, string value}[ ] Definitions of the canonical profile properties, where type: [Numeric | Categorical | DerivedCategorical | DerivedNumeric]