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[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

An Application View represents a visual representation of specific profile or a subset of a profile in the context of a business process. Each view is comprised of a set of Widge Types (charts and controls) arranged in a specific layout. These are often customized for a target role or audience; for example, a bank can create customer-specific views for tellers in their front-offices, and aggregated views for managers or analysts in the back-office.

A view can be scoped to a tenant or for a specific user. The role-based access control for the Profiles and Interactions in Customer Insights ensures that only the desired audience has access to a view with the information and insights required for their business success.

View properties

Property names appended with asterisks* are required.

Property JSON type Description
viewName* string Name of the view (ID) (readonly)
userId string User identifier
tenantId string Hub identifier (readonly)
displayName Map Localized display name for the view
definition* string Definition for the view
created DateTime Time when view type was created (readonly)
changed DateTime Time when view type was last modified (readonly)

JSON example

    "viewName": "testView117",
    "tenantId": "sdktesthub",
    "userId": "*",
    "definition": "{\\\"isProfileType\\\":false,\\\"profileTypes\\\":[],\\\"widgets\\\":[],\\\"style\\\":[]}",
    "displayName": {
        "en": "View 117 Preview"
    created: '2017-03-30T21:46:24'