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Knowledge article templates help knowledge authors by simplifying the process of creating knowledge articles. Templates also help knowledge managers and authors in maintaining consistency in branding, language, and structure.

When an author chooses a template to create an article, the fields that are defined in the template are prepopulated, allowing the author to focus on the main content of the article.


To learn how to use knowledge article templates to create knowledge articles, see Create knowledge articles using templates

As a Knowledge Manager, you can create knowledge article templates by defining the necessary fields such as Language, Title, Keywords, and Subject. These fields will be pre-populated while creating the article using the template and reduce the efforts of authors to fill in these fields.


Make sure you have the required privileges to create, edit, or delete knowledge article templates. Contact your administrator if you do not have these privileges.

  1. Open Customer Service Hub app and select Change area > Service Management.

    Select service management

  2. Under Knowledge Base Management section, select Article Templates.

    Select article templates

  3. To create a template, select + New.

    Select new

  4. On the Choose Language dialog box, select the language for the template, and select OK. In this example, we are selecting the language as English – United States.

    Choose language

  5. On the New Knowledge Article Template page, enter the values for the required fields that you want to prepopulate when the template is selected.

    Section Field Description
    TEMPLATE DATA Name Enter a name for the template.
    Owner Enter the name of the owner who owns the template. By default, your name will be displayed in this field.
    ARTICLE DATA -- Define article fields such as Title, Keywords, and Subject which are used in any knowledge article that’s created based on the template.
    CONTENT -- Define a structure that will be used in any knowledge article that’s created based on this template. To learn more, see Use the rich text editor to create knowledge articles and emails.

    Enter the values in new knowledge article template

  6. After you have entered the required information, select Save.

    A template is created and is available for knowledge authors to use to create articles.


Similarly, you can edit or delete knowledge article templates from the Service Management area.

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