Events (CIF JavaScript API reference)

All client-side code is initiated by events and the events occur in Dynamics 365 Unified Interface. You associate s specific function in a JavaScript library to execute when an event occurs. This specific function is called an event handler.

Each event handler specifies a function within a JavaScript library and the parameters that you can pass to the function. The JavaScript API provides methods that you can use to attach event handlers to the events.


Events Description
onclicktoact Invoked when user selects the outbound communication (ClickToAct) field in a form.
onmodechanged Invoked when the panel mode is manually toggled between Minimized (0) and Docked (1).
onpagenavigate Invoked when the main Unified Interface page navigation occurs.
onsendkbarticle Invoked when the user selects the Send button in the Knowledge Base control.
onsizechanged Invoked when the side panel width is changed.