msdyn_ciprovider Entity Reference

Base entity for Channel Integration Framework.

Entity properties

Property Value
CollectionSchemaName msdyn_ciprovider
DisplayCollectionName Channel Provider
DisplayName Channel Provider
EntitySetName msdyn_ciprovider
LogicalCollectionName msdyn_ciprovider
LogicalName msdyn_ciprovider
OwnershipType UserOwned
PrimaryIdAttribute msdyn_ciproviderid
PrimaryNameAttribute msdyn_name
SchemaName msdyn_ciprovider


Attributes Display Name Description
msdyn_name Name Name of the channel provider
msdyn_Label Label The label is displayed as the title on the widget
msdyn_LandingUrl Channel URL The URL of the provider to host in the widget.
msdyn_ClickToAct Enable Outbound Communication Widget initiates outbound communication. Raises onclicktoact event on the communication widget.
msdyn_SortOrder Channel Order The order precedence of the channel providers.
msdyn_ciproviderapiversion API Version The version of the Channel Integration Framework APIs.
msdyn_trustedDomain Trusted Domains An additional domain if the initial landing URL and the final domain from which the communication widget is hosted are different. Ad the domain (URL) to access the Channel Integration Framework APIs.
msdyn_AppSelector Select the Unified Interface Apps for the Channel The list of Unified Interface Apps where the channel is displayed for the agents.
msdyn_RoleSelector Select Roles for the Channel The security roles that are present in Dynamics 365.