Define ribbon tab display rules

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x

Tab display rules control whether a specific tab is displayed for a ribbon or not.

Unlike other ribbon elements like groups or specific controls, you must explicitly provide a tab display rule for a tab to be displayed in the ribbon. By default, other ribbon elements will always display unless a display rule removes them.

<TabDisplayRule> elements require that the TabCommand attribute matches a <Tab> Command attribute value.

In the RibbonDiffXml, tabs can be defined for specific entities or defined globally. If the tab is defined for an entity, the only valid type of rule is <EntityRule>. Because defining a tab in the scope of a particular entity already limits the tab to only that entity, the only valid attributes are AppliesTo (PrimaryEntity or SelectedEntity) and Context (Form, HomePageGrid, SubGridStandard, or SubGridAssociated).

When you define a tab display rule globally in the RibbonDiffXml for the application ribbons, you can apply both EntityRule elements and <PageRule> elements.

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