Developer tools

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

This section provides a single location for you to learn about the developer tools and community developed developer tools that you use with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Community tools

XrmToolBox developed the following community tools for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

  • WebResources Manager - The tool helps you to create, update, delete, and preview web resources.

  • View Layout Replicator - The tool helps you to copy and apply the layout of a particular view to multiple views of the same entity.

  • View Designer - The tool helps you to view layouts and modify queries using FetechXML builder.

  • Early Bound Generator - The tool helps you to generate Early Bound Entities, Option Sets, or Actions. The tools uses CrmSvcUtil.exe and display the command lines that are used to create theses classes.

  • Metadata Browser - The tool helps you browse metadata from your Dynamics CRM organization.

    • User Settings Utility - The tool helps you to bulk manage personal settings of your Dynamics 365 users.

    • Plugin Trace Viewer - The tool helps you to investigate the plug-in trace log with easy filtering capabilities.

    • Export to Microsoft Excel - The tool helps you to export records from a view or FetchXML to Microsoft Excel.

    • Attribute Manager - The tool helps you to rename, delete, or change the type of the attribute.

    • Iconator - The tool helps you to manage entities.

    • Easy Translator - The tool helps you to export and import translation of the content with contextual information.


The community tools are not a product of Microsoft Dynamics and does not extend support to the community tools. If you have questions pertaining to the tool, please contact the publisher. More Information: XrmToolBox.

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