Operations supported by Online Management API

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x

You can perform most of the instance-related operations using the API that you can do using the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps Admin Center. The API also lets you perform some additional operations such as using tenant application identities to create/manage instances and retrieving service versions (releases) for instances.

For a quick start sample on how to authenticate and execute operations using Online Management API, see Quick Start Sample: Retrieve instances in your tenant.

Create, retrieve, and delete instances

You can perform the following core operations on instances:

Operation Description Rest API
Create instance Create an instance in your tenant. While creating an instance, you can specify the type of instance (Production, Sandbox, Support, Preview, Trial) to create among other things. Provision Instance
Retrieve instance Retrieve all instances or retrieve a specific instance in your tenant. Get Instances

Get Instance
Delete instance Delete an instance in your tenant.
You can delete Customer Enagegement Sandbox instances to recover the licenses and storage space or to prevent them from being used by mistake.
To delete a production instance, you must first switch to a Sandbox instance and then delete the Sandbox instance. More information: Switch an instance
Delete Instance

Back up and restore instances

You can perform the following operations to back up and restore instances:

Operation Description Rest API
Retrieve instance backup Retrieve all backups of an instance or retrieve a specific backup by specifying the restore point. Get Instance Backups

Get Instance Backup
Back up instance Back up an instance in your tenant. Backup Instance
Restore instance Restore an instance in your tenant. Restore Instance

The following additional operations related to Customer Engagement instances are available. Some of these operation provide you information about things that are supported for Customer Engagement that helps you in performing core instance operations. For example, you can retrieve information about all the supported templates for creating a Customer Engagement instance, and then use one of the templates to create a new Customer Engagement instance.

Operation Description Rest API
Retrieve information about instance types Retrieve information about all the instance types in Customer Engagement or about a specific instance type. A Customer Engagement instance can be one of the following types: Production, Sandbox, Support, Preview, Trial. Get Instance Types Info

Get Instance Type Info
Retrieve templates Retrieves the templates supported for creating/provisioning a Customer Engagement instance. The four types of templates that you can choose from while provisioning an instance are: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation. Get Templates
Apply users Force applies a user to a Customer Engagement instance. Apply User
Retrieve service versions (releases) Retrieves information about all the supported releases for Customer Engagement. Get Service Versions
Retrieve currencies Retrieves information about all the supported currencies and regions for Customer Engagement. Get Currencies
Retrieve languages Retrieves information about all the supported languages for Customer Engagement. Get Languages
Retrieve operation status Retrieves status of any operation that you perform using the API. Get Operation Status
Retrieve notifications Retrieves all notifications from the Notification service. Get All Notifications
Post user notifications Posts user notifications to the Notification service. Post User Notification
Update Admin Mode setting Controls a Customer Engagement instance admin mode settings. If you put admin mode for a Customer Engagement instance, only administrator can access the instance. This is helpful for installing large updates to an instance, and you don't want users to access the instance until the update is complete. Restoring an instance results in enabling Admin Mode for the restored instance. Update Instance Admin Mode

A tenant appication identity enables you to authorize an app on your behalf by using server-to-server (S2S) authentication to perform operations on Customer Engagement instances. More information: Build web applications using Server-to-Server (S2S) authentication

Application identity hs to be created before it can be registered with the Online Management API.

Operation Description Rest API
Create tenant application identity Registers a tenant application identity to be used with Online Management API. Create Tenant Application Identity
Retrieve tenant application identity Retrieves tenant application identies registered with Online Management API. Get Tenant Application Identity
Enable or disable tenant application identity Enables or disables tenant application identies registered with Online Management API. Enable Tenant Application Identity
Disable Tenant Application Identity

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