Configure and set up customer assets to maintain a list of serviceable items (Field Service)

Customer asset functionality lets you maintain a list of serviceable items related to a service location.

When you create and maintain a list of serviceable items, you can:

  • Record specific information about the item.

  • Create a historic log of all of the work orders that are related to the item, which gives you a complete service history for the item.

Customer asset records can be configured in a hierarchy in order to maintain service history at the sub-component level.


To associate customer assets with work order records, you must specify the customer asset within the work order incident or agreement incident records.

Create customer assets manually

  1. From the main menu, click Field Service > Customer Assets.

  2. On the Active Customer Assets screen, click New. Use the tooltips to help you fill in information.

  3. Enter the Name of the customer asset record.

  4. Enter the Service Account to indicate the service location of the customer asset.

  5. Optionally, enter the direct Parent of the current asset if you are creating a sub-component customer asset. For example, a refrigerator asset record can be the parent asset to a compressor asset record.

  6. Optionally, enter the Product from the product catalog that identifies this asset.

  7. When you're done, click Save.

  8. In the Sub Assets section, click Add Customer Asset record to add any related assets.

Automatically add customer assets to a service location

  1. In the product catalog, find a product that you would like the system to automatically add as a customer asset when sold to a customer.

  2. In the Field Service section of the product record form, set the Convert to Customer Asset field to Yes.

  3. Save the changes to the product record.

  4. Now, when a work order is completed, by changing the work order system status to Closed - Posted, if the work order includes a work order product that was set to Convert to Customer Asset, the system will automatically generate the customer asset record, and associate it with the service account listed on the work order.

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