User Guide (Field Resource Hub)

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x

With the Field Resource Hub app field techs can do basic tasks in the field like viewing upcoming appointments, viewing and editing bookings, completing service tasks including adding products, notes, and signatures. Field techs can also submit time-off requests so a dispatcher knows when the tech isn’t available.  

Available anywhere, on any device

There are two flavors of Dynamics 365 for Field Service:

  • If you’re using a desktop browser, you’ll use the Field Service app. More information: User Guide (Field Service).

  • If you’re a field tech using a smartphone or tablet, you’ll use the Field Resource Hub app which is a subset of the Field Service app. The Field Resource Hub app is built on the Unified Interface framework, which uses responsive web design principles to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation.


If you're looking for the full-featured Field Service mobile app, it’s a different mobile app called Field Service Mobile. More information: Field Service Mobile App User Guide.

Basic Navigation

  1. When you sign in on the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement mobile app, you’ll see the MyApps page with a list of the apps that you access to.
  2. Select Field Resource Hub.

Choose an app

The navigation bar

Use the nav bar to get to your work area, create a new record, search, or do other tasks. To access more commands, tap More Button

Nav Bar

Favorites and recently used records

The Favorites and Recently Used sections provide quick access to your records, views, and dashboards.

  • To access these sections, tap the Menu Menu button button on the nav bar, and then tap the Favorites and Recent Fav Button button.

  • To pin an item as a favorite, from the list of Recently Used items, tap the pin. This will pin and move the item to Favorites.

    Favorites and Recent items

Work orders

Work orders have information on what work needs to be done at a customer site. They're used to coordinate and schedule resources and activities, and can be used for installations, repairs, or preventative maintenance.

To find and open a work order:

  1. Tap the menu button Menu button, and then tap Work Orders.

  2. From the list of work orders, tap a work order number to open it.

  3. When the work order opens, you can add notes, attachments, photos, and more.

Resource Bookings

Resource bookings provides an overview of resource schedule and bookings for a day, week, or month view. Bookings can be created for a specific work order or without a work order.

  • To see your bookings in a calendar view, tap the menu button Menu button, and then tap Resource Bookings.

  • To create a new booking, tap New on the command bar and then fill in the required information.

Resource Booking

Customer assets

Customer assets provide information on which product a customer is using. This is where a list of serviceable items that are related to a service location are maintained.

Customer assets also provides a historic log of all the work orders that are related to the item, which gives you a complete service history for the item.

To find and open a customer asset:

  1. Tap the menu Menu button button, and then tap Customer Assets.

  2. From the list of customer assets, tap an asset name to open it.


Products is a collection of products and their pricing information that your company owns and sells. When you're out in the field use products to see what products is available in the inventory and the pricing information.

To find a product:

  1. Tap the menu Menu button button, and then tap Products.

  2. From the list of products, tap the product name to open it.

Time off requests

Keep the schedule board up-to-date by logging time-off requests. When you need to take time off, log the request so that dispatchers can see the time off request when they're working on the schedule.

To submit a time off request:

  1. Tap the menu Menu button button, and then tap Time Off Requests.

  2. Tap New on the command bar.

  3. Enter the required information, and then tap Save.

General information on how to use the mobile app

More information: Mobile Basics Guide.

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