Create weekly awards to keep players and fans engaged

Configure weekly awards to keep players focused on delivering results for the right KPIs in Dynamics 365 - Gamification. Weekly awards are small contests that are part of a longer game and are also posted on the leaderboard. You'll configure weekly awards for a single KPI in each game period.


Awards for individual players span across all connected organizations (business units).

Configure a weekly award

  1. In Gamification, go to Games > Games > Weekly Awards Weekly Awards button in Gamification.

  2. Click Select Game and choose the game for which you want to create weekly awards.

  3. Click Select Game Period and choose the period you want to configure weekly awards for.

    If you run multiple games in parallel, select a game from the list in the page header.

  4. Select the KPI you want to configure your weekly award for.

  5. Configure the prize for first place.

    Optionally, Add Add button in Gamification more places and configure prizes for them if you want.

  6. Click Save to apply your configuration.

    Weekly awards are now awarded automatically to the winning players. Make sure you follow up with them to deliver the prizes. You can edit the weekly awards later if you want to change the prizes or the associated KPIs.

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