Overview for players and fans in Gamification

First things first—you need to sign in to your Dynamics 365 - Gamification profile. More information: Sign in to Gamification

Next, add a Gamification profile picture so the other players can recognize you. More information: Set up your profile

As the game start date approaches, make sure you take a moment to build your roster. More information: Draft and manage your fantasy teams in Gamification

After the game has started, keep track of how you're doing. More information: See how you rank against other players on a Gamification leaderboard

To share your success or congratulate your peers, drop a post on the smack talk board. More information: Post on the smack talk board in Gamification

If you're often on the road to visit customers and prospects, or you take a vacation, make sure you log your time off so other players can adjust their fantasy teams. More information: Log your time off in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement - Gamification

Have a look at the FAQ if you want to know what to do next or have a general question. More information: Get answers to frequently asked questions about Gamification

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