Manage users from Dynamics 365 (online) and their security roles

When you set up a new game, you need to define which users will be players and which will be fans in your upcoming Dynamics 365 - Gamification game. Users from Dynamics 365 (online) are available automatically in Gamification.

Players are competing participants in your game who get points for achieving defined KPIs.

Fans are people who aren’t players in an active game—for example, executives, managers, or receptionists—who participate in a Gamification game by drafting a team. If your CEO gets involved in the game, drafts a team, and is personally following player stats, that’s quite an incentive for players to do their best!

Change a user's security role in Dynamics 365 - Gamification

After users are imported, an administrator can change the security role of the users directly in the connected Dynamics 365 (online) organization.

Delete a user from Dynamics 365 - Gamification

You can delete users from Dynamics 365 - Gamification once an admin has removed their Dynamics 365 (online) licenses in the connected organization. If the user is still active in your organization, you can't remove them in Gamification and need to remove their license first.

  1. In Gamification, go to Users.

  2. On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users page, search for the user you want to delete.

  3. Select the Delete symbol Delete user symbol and confirm the deletion.
    You can't undo this action.

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