What's new in Gamification

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification. Here's a list of features we've added or updated, and a list of issues we've resolved.

If you are new to Gamification, see Keep your employees engaged and productive by using Gamification.

Update 2017.05

New or improved features

The two core components of Gamification are the solution, which is installed from AppSource and integrated in Dynamics 365, and the web portal, where all the fun happens.


  • Simplified the steps to activate the Gamification web portal and connect it with Dynamics 365. More information: Activate Gamification in Dynamics 365

  • Introduced a KPI type, User activity tracking, to award points based on a user's activity in Dynamics 365.

  • Introduced Delta settings, a scoring condition for KPIs that is based on the difference (the delta) between two attributes.

  • Introduced Scoring behavior, a setting for configuring the time at which points are assigned for a given KPI. By default, points are always assigned based on the current state of the record. More information: Configure and edit KPIs in Dynamics 365

Web portal

  • Added Stream TV backgrounds.

  • Updated the experience for Game setup and for creating and editing Stream TV.

Resolved issues

  • Improved the reliability of user data synchronization between Dynamics 365 and Gamification.

  • Improved the reliability of sending KPI data to Gamification.