Schedule weekly or one-time emails in Gamification

Send weekly updates on the leaderboards or announce award winners by using scheduled email capabilities in Dynamics 365 - Gamification. A commissioner or game manager can schedule weekly or one-time emails to be sent to any user involved in a game. This feature is particularly helpful to keep your players engaged if you don't stream the leaderboard to a screen in your office.

Manage scheduled emails

You can create, edit, or delete scheduled emails in the Games > Emails settings.

Create an email

  1. In Gamification, go to Games > Emails.

  2. Click the Schedule New Email Add button in Gamification button.

  3. Provide the basic information for your email, including Name, Game, Frequency, and Recipients.

  4. Enter the Subject and start writing your email body text.

    To embed a leaderboard in your email, select a leaderboard from Available Tags. Next, prepend the tag with the number of places you want to see in the leaderboard, followed by an underscore. For example, to show the top five fantasy team leaders, use this format: [5_FANTASY_TEAM_LEADERS].

  5. When you're done drafting your email, click Save.

  6. Click Send Test to send yourself a test email to verify the content.

  7. When you are satisfied with the email, click Schedule to activate the email schedule as defined in step 3.

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