Update game scores by using Excel point scoring capabilities in Gamification

If you plan to run a game that uses one or more KPIs that can't be tracked by using Dynamics 365 (online), you can update the scores for those KPIs by using a Excel template.


To minimize the ongoing effort required to run a game, we recommend that you rely on KPIs defined in Dynamics 365 (online).

Update scores by using the Excel file

  1. Go to Games > Games.

  2. Click the Excel Point Scoring ( Excel point scoring button in Gamification) button.

  3. Select the game you want to update the scores from, and then click the game period you want to update.

  4. Click Download Excel template Download Excel template in Gamification, and then update the scores in the file.


    The manually scored data needs to be up-to-date for the respective game period. All other KPIs will continuously sync from Dynamics 365 (online).

  5. Click Upload Excel file Upload Excel file in Gamification to upload the file, including the manually updated scores.

    The selected KPIs are now updated in Gamification for the selected game period.

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