See how you rank against other players on a Gamification leaderboard

There's no real competition without a leaderboard. Dynamics 365 - Gamification offers several leaderboards, depending on how the game is set up.

Find your way around

In Gamification, click My Games > Leaderboards to see the various rankings.

You can choose the game leaderboards you want to see, and switch between the different types of leaderboards.

Types of leaderboards

Depending on how the game is set up, you'll find the following leaderboards along with their KPIs and prizes awarded to the winners.


Leaderboards show a snapshot of the game. Only after a commissioner officially completes the game are the rankings final.

  • Fantasy Team Awards: See which players drafted the most successful teams.

  • Fan Team Awards: See which fans drafted the most successful fan teams.
    This leaderboard is only available if fans participate in a game.

  • Game MVP Award: See which players earned the most points in the current game.

  • Position Awards: See how players rank in the available positions.

  • KPI Awards: See how players rank overall in the awarded KPIs.

  • Weekly Awards: See which players rank best in a given week for a specific KPI.

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