Follow up after the event

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x

After an event is over, you'll want to evaluate how it went and start following up.

Collect attendee feedback with a survey

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes Voice of the Customer, which is a feature for creating online surveys and analyzing the results. We recommend that you take advantage of this feature by creating a follow-up survey for attendees to give feedback on the event.

To promote the survey, you might create a marketing email message that links to it and deliver that message to a segment of attendees that you've set up. You might even provide an incentive for submitting the survey, such as a free download. You can include this message in the same customer journey that you used to promote the event, but use trigger and scheduler tiles to ensure the message is only sent after the event, and only to people who attended.


The surveys feature currently provides limited functionality: anonymous surveys can be added to emails but can't serve as triggers in customer journeys, and non-anonymous surveys are not supported.

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Hand off to sales

Contacts who take the time to attend your marketing events are quite likely to be serious about making a purchase, so you'll want to follow up with them right away to keep them interested. Because Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates your marketing and sales operations, your salespeople also have access to all the new contacts and leads your event has generated. They can act right away by getting in touch with contacts and setting up new opportunities.

During the event, people from your organization might have been busy talking to potential customers and collecting their contact details. They might register these details in Dynamics 365 for Marketing while at the event or type them all in soon afterwards. Contacts who registered by using the event website automatically become contacts in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, and your lead-generation and lead-scoring rules in Dynamics 365 for Marketing might have resulted in sales-ready leads based on registrations and other interactions. Other leads might not be sales-ready yet but could be good candidates for your next nurturing campaign.

Review events and sessions attended by any contact

Event and session attendance records are available for all contacts. This information can be very helpful to salespeople when identifying their hottest leads, or when preparing for a call or meeting. Just open a contact record in any Dynamics 365 app and go to its Events Attended tab.

View and analyze event results

By the time your event is finished, you'll have generated a wealth of new data in Dynamics 365, and the system is well-equipped to help you analyze that data by using detailed analytics. Here are a few places where you can look for event analytics:

  • The event management dashboard: This dashboard gives a broad overview of your event planning activities and results from all your events. You can view it by choosing Event Management Dashboard from the view selector at the top of any dashboard page in Dynamics 365. More information: The event management dashboard
  • Event records: Open the Events work area, go to Events > Event > Events, and open the main event record for your event to see results and analytics that relate to that event only. These offer much more detail than the dashboard does about many aspects of the event.

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