Manage event sponsorships

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Sponsors are people or organizations who contribute funds, equipment, or services in return for having their logos and messages placed in your event materials (including the event portal) or at the event itself.

Go to Events > Sponsorship Management > Sponsorships to view, edit, and create sponsorship records. Each record here must be associated with an event record, and the sponsoring company (account record) must also be stored in Dynamics 365. Each record can also include information about the sponsorship deal itself, including the sponsorship type (money, services, or equipment), sponsorship value, and other details. If any sponsored articles are associated with this sponsorship, they are also listed here.

Sponsorable articles are items that are visibly present at the event, and feature a sponsor's logo or message. These typically include small freebies given away to event attendees, but could also be some type of infrastructure or facility provided to event-goers. Go to Events > Sponsorship Management > Sponsorable articles to view, edit, and create these records. Each sponsorable article record must relate to a parent sponsorship record (which identifies the sponsoring company and the event) and include price and quantity information.