Track customer service cases in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.x

As a Customer Service Manager or Customer Service Rep, use the Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets app to keep track of activities in your customer service organization while on the go. The app's dashboard lets you track your team's performance, monitor high priority cases, and route cases from your mobile device.

If your organization has updated to Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1, you can also search the knowledge database or create new knowledge articles.

Differences in the customer service area between the web app and the mobile apps

Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets is optimized for Customer Service Managers and Reps who are always on the move and need to keep track of activities in their customer service organization. Due to these optimizations, the service areas in the mobile apps have a different appearance and functionality than the web app in some cases, as shown in the following table:

Web app feature Difference in the mobile apps
Merge cases Not available.
KB article lookup This feature was introduced in CRM Online 2016 Update and CRM 2016 (on-premises) by the name of Interactive Service hub. With the December 2017 update, Interactive Service hub is now known as Customer Service Hub. Interested in getting this feature? Find your CRM administrator or support person.
Queue filter in Queue Items list Not available. However, you can change the view so that it filters items by queues. More information: TechNet: Customize Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets
Queue Item Details button on forms for items that you can route to a queue; for example, cases Not available.
Similar Cases area on the case form Not available.
Customer contact card on the case form Tap the customer name on the case form to view the customer record and communication card.
Case origin symbols on the Cases list The Cases list shows the list of cases without the symbols. The case origin appears on the individual case form.
Subject lookup in Case Details area Instead of selecting from a tree view, type in letters to start a search.
Find Case step in Identify, Similar Cases step in Research, and Resolve Case step in Resolve business process flow These actions don’t appear in the case process. However, to resolve a case, you can use Resolve on the command bar.
Entitlement lookup You can’t filter results in entitlement lookup.
Parature, from Microsoft knowledge base integration This feature is available in Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 or later.

Open a case in the web app to work on it in more detail

If you need to perform more actions on a case than you can in the mobile app, you can easily open the case in your browser.

  1. On the case screen, open the command bar.

  2. Tap Open in browser.

  3. Sign in to the web application when it appears. The web app goes right to the case you had open in the mobile app.

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