Omni-channel Engagement Hub Guide

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.1.0

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Get started

  • Omni-channel Engagement Hub introduction
  • Pre-requisities and system requirements
  • Provision Omni-channel Engagement Hub
  • Upgrade Omni-channel Engagement Hub
  • Assign roles and enable users
  • Quickly configure a chat widget
  • I'm an administrator

  • Omni-channel administrator
  • Understand unified routing and work distribution
  • Understand and create work streams
  • Configure a chat channel
  • Configure an SMS channel
  • I'm an agent

  • Omni-channel agent
  • Use on Omni-channel Engagement Hub
  • Use on Unified Service Desk
  • View customer summary (Omni-channel Engagement Hub)
  • View customer summary (Unified Service Desk)
  • View communication panel (Omni-channel Engagement Hub)
  • View communication panel (Unified Service Desk)
  • I'm a system customizer

  • Omni-channel system customizer
  • Customize the customer summary form
  • Customize the conversation form
  • Create configurations in Unified Service Desk
  • Configure notifications in Unified Service Desk
  • I'm a developer

  • Initiate a chat
  • Send authentication token
  • Manage custom context
  • Enable a bot to escalate and end conversation
  • JavaScript API reference for Live chat SDK