Get details on specific authors

Microsoft Social Engagement offers access to author details on Twitter profiles. Users can get quick insights into an author's profile on social media. Learn about their interests and topics, to keep track of people who impact your social feed.

Access author details in Analytics and Social Center

To see author details in posts, click Posts on the right side of any analytics page. Or go to Social Center to access your streams, and tap on the Twitter author profile picture in a post. To go back to your stream feed, click Back to.

To see author details in the Authors widget, go to Analytics, and in the author widget, select the view author details button. View author details button in Social Engagement. More information: Analyze social data using widgets


On mobile devices, tap the author profile picture, or tap a post twice, and tap the author profile picture to view the author profile. Depending on your screen size, you will see additional information in the list.

Author details

The author name, user name, profile picture, location, website, and bio is displayed at the top of the panel if it is provided by the author. (The author must have been active in the last 30 days.) The following list includes the details that are provided.

Image of the author details view

  1. Reach: The influencer score of the author.

  2. Followers: For number of followers the author has (Twitter authors only).

  3. Following: The number of Twitter accounts the author is following (Twitter authors only).

  4. Tweets: The number of tweets on the author’s Twitter account (Twitter authors only).

  5. Relationships: Select Load Relationships to find connected social profiles between you and the author. You can also select Follow to start following the author, if you are not yet following them (Twitter authors only).


    A social profile for Twitter needs to be configured in order for the relationship widget to load.

    A rate limit on how often you can check the relationships applies. For more details, see Twitter: API rate limits

  6. Posts: Lists all of the author's posts. Select Load more to see older posts.


    Posts are an external service provided by Twitter.

Privacy notice

To enable Engagement and Analytics scenarios, in some cases Microsoft Social Engagement connects to the third-party services Twitter and Facebook for the retrieval of Social Content. When establishing these connections, certain data, such as your IP address, may be shared with those services.

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