Data retention in Social Engagement

Get to know which user data gets stored when you work with Social Engagement and how long this data persists. Whenever data is stored in Social Engagement, either as acquired posts or user settings, it’s stored in a database. While posts end up in a central data store, all other data is stored in a solution-specific database. Posts acquired in Social Engagement are available for analysis for 15 months before they are automatically removed from the database. If you need to keep track of older data for reporting purposes, you can export the data before it reaches the retention time.

Storage of private messages and direct messages as regular posts

If at least one user has added a social profile to an organization’s Social Engagement solution and the acquisition is allowed for private messages of this social profile, private messages of this profile can be acquired.


A user with permissions to work with search topics can create rules that acquire the private messages and similar posts that are found through public searches. When a private message is stored in the database, it’s visible to every user who can access Social Engagement in the same organization.

Data retention when deleting a social profile

If a solution has acquired private messages from a social profile, and its owner removes the social profile, all private messages from this profile are hidden in the user interface immediately after removal.

However, the direct messages persist in the central database unless the solution is de-provisioned or the posts become older than 15 months.

Data retention when deleting a private message

If a solution has acquired private messages from a social profile and the owner of the social profile deletes one of these messages, the deleted message won’t show on the user interface anymore.

Data retention upon deleting an organization or de-provisioning an organization

If the global administrator decides to de-provision the Social Engagement solution for an organization, all related data such as posts, search topics, direct messages, and user permissions are deleted 180 days after the organization’s subscription is canceled.

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