Microsoft Social Engagement FAQ

Are you new to Microsoft Social Engagement or looking for some help? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided brief answers to help you get to your information quickly.

How can I respond to a Data Subject Request (DSR) in context of GDPR?

The workflows and pointers to the related procedures are listed in the Dynamics 365 Data Subject Request GDPR Documentation on the Service Trust Portal.

How soon will I start seeing data after I set up a search topic?

Data acquisition starts immediately after you set up your search topic. Depending on the source, it can take up to 30 minutes from the moment a social post is posted for it to show up in Social Engagement. But usually it's much faster. We don't retroactively acquire social posts; however, if there are posts in our index that match your search topic, we might show those. More information: Set up searches to listen to social media conversations

What are my options if I am reaching my quota limit?

As a rule of thumb, every post you can access in Analytics counts against your post quota. If a post that was published in the current calendar month is removed from Analytics, it's also deducted from the quota usage of the current month. You have multiple options to extend or stay within your quota limits:

  • You can buy a post quota add-on and increase your organization's total quota.

  • You can review or delete search topics or search rules that you don't need any more. This usually leads to fewer posts getting acquired and thus helps you stay on track with your monthly post quota.

  • You can narrow your search rules by removing keywords, or adding inclusions or exclusions.

  • You can add keywords and phrases to the list of blocked content to delete the posts that contain these terms, and free up some quota space.

More information: Manage your post quota, Manage the quality of your search results

What happens if I exceed my post quota?

Administrators start receiving email notifications when the estimated post volume for data acquisition seems likely to exceed the monthly post quota, regardless of how much quota is already consumed. If you exceed the post quota, data acquisition is stopped after a grace period. More information: Manage your post quota

Why does the number of posts in Search Setup Quota differ from Analytics?

You might notice that there is a difference between the Current number of posts shown in the Search Setup Quota section and the Analytics dashboard when the time frame is set to the current month. There are two common reasons for this:

  • The Analytics page honors the web browser's time zone so that the posts displayed there are the posts for the month in your time zone. The Quota section, however, uses Coordinated Universal Time to calculate the number of posts for the month. For example, if your browser is set to the Hawaii–Aleutian time zone (UTC-10), your Quota section would include the posts from the last 10 hours of the previous month in your time zone.

  • You deleted search topics this month. Posts that were already acquired by the now-deleted search topic will still count against your monthly quota shown in the Search Setup Quota section. They will not appear in the Analytics posts number because they do not match any of your current search topics.

Facebook changed its APIs in April 2015. Although it's no longer possible to create keyword search rules for the Facebook source, you can still add entire Facebook pages to your search topics to track activities. More information: Add rules to a search topic

On what level can I filter for Location from the filter section?

You can drill down to the level of all available countries/regions in Social Engagement. In addition, you can create your own location groups to quickly filter for a set of countries/regions. More information: Manage global settings

Why can't I filter on the Top Cities widget in the Location dashboard?

We currently don't support filtering at the city level.

Why can't I see the original post on some of the News posts in the posts view?

In addition to covering online news, the News coverage provided by Social Engagement also covers news venues that are not publicly available on the web (for example, behind a pay wall). In such a case, no link to the original source is available for the post.

Is there a limit to the number of terms or phrases that can be used in a keyword search rule?

Although you can create an unlimited number of search rules per search topic, there is a limit on the length and number of terms.

  • Maximum length, in characters, of search topic names: 35.

  • Maximum length, in characters, per keyword, inclusion, and exclusion: 128.

  • Maximum number of keywords per rule: 15.

  • Maximum number of inclusions per rule: 15.

  • Maximum number of exclusions per rule: 25.

    More information: Add rules to a search topic

Does your sentiment analysis accurately read emoticons or emoji?

There is a difference between emoticons (for example, :) or :() and emoji (icons used mainly on mobile devices and IM). Our sentiment algorithm handles emoticons in addition to emoji, and assigns positive and negative values accordingly.

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