Work with Office 365 Groups in Social Engagement

Office 365 Groups are shared workspaces where group members can collaborate and quickly get stuff done. To collaborate with a group of users in Microsoft Social Engagement you can share social profiles and streams, or assign posts to groups. You can create and manage groups in Outlook or Office 365 Admin Center. Groups are automatically synced to Social Engagement, but you cannot change them from within Social Engagement.

Work with groups


Groups may take a few minutes to sync when you create or edit them before you can work with them in Social Engagement. When you add or remove users from an Office 365 Group, any posts assigned to the group and streams or social profiles shared with the group will become automatically available to the newly-added users, and no longer available to the removed users.

To learn more about the ways to create an Office 365 Group, see Create and navigate a group.

To learn more about managing groups in the Office 365 Admin Center, see View, create, and delete groups in the Office 365 admin center.

To learn more about groups in Office 365, see Find help about groups in Office 365.

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