Manage your brand and reputation on social media

To successfully manage the reputation of your brand, it's essential to monitor the conversations about it on social media. Find out how the public perception of your brand is evolving and how you can actively engage with your customers.

This overview provides a step-by-step description of how you and your team can use Social Engagement to monitor your brand reputation, review the performance of social media campaigns, engage with prospects, and find new leads for your sales team.


  • You have a Social Engagement license assigned.

  • Social Engagement is set up.

  • Search topics are configured and data acquisition is up and running. To listen to conversations about your brand, it's important that you create a search topic that gathers relevant posts.

  • You have the required user roles and permissions assigned in Social Engagement.

Brand reputation

To find out how a brand is perceived on social media, after you set up a search topic for it, Social Engagement provides sentiment analysis capabilities in the original language by using natural language processing and machine learning capabilities.

  1. Get an overview of the posts that mention your brand on the Overview page in Analytics.

  2. Go to Analytics > Sentiment to get insights into how people feel about your brand and find out who your brand advocates are.

  3. See which topics are being discussed around your brand on the Conversation page in Analytics.

Campaign performance

Campaigns on social media often revolve around a specific term, for example a hashtag. If you set up a search topic for this term, Social Engagement helps you understand at a glance how your campaign is performing.

  1. Get started analyzing the conversations about your campaign on the Conversation page in Analytics.

  2. Create an activity map to see newly found posts on a map with location data in real time.

  3. Review the sentiment of posts that mention your brand on the Sentiment page in Analytics.

Find leads for the sales team

Identify potential leads on social media and let your sales team know about them. Social Engagement lets you create new leads in Dynamics 365 directly from a post within Social Engagement.

  1. Use intention analysis to look for posts that express a purchase intent.

  2. Link these posts to Dynamics 365 to create a new lead record.

  3. Automate this workflow by using an automation rule for every post tagged with Purchase Intention.

Share your content on social media

Have you launched or refreshed a product or service? Let your marketing team share it with the world. Publish posts and engage with your communities on social media with Social Engagement.

  1. Add social profiles and share them with your team.

  2. Publish your news to social networks to spread the word about your products and services.

  3. Work with Office 365 groups to share social profiles or streams with a larger team.

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