Social selling - grow your network and boost sales

Buying decisions are often influenced by information found on the Internet and on social media. Salespeople can leverage social media for their sales processes, become thought leaders, and increase their social presence by participating in conversations about their products or services.

This overview suggests ways you and your team can use Social Engagement to grow your network, find new leads, and boost sales. Stay on top of the conversation, and bring opportunities over to Dynamics 365 for further nurturing.


Social selling: grow your network and influence

Learn how to install, configure, and personalize the Social Selling Assistant to increase your presence on social media.

  1. Configure Social Engagement for the Social Selling Assistant.

  2. Add your social profiles to Social Engagement.

  3. Personalize the Social Selling Assistant.

  4. Grow your network by using the Social Selling Assistant.

Sales efficiency: create leads in Dynamics 365 from social posts

Save time and minimize repetitive activities. Create new records in Dynamics 365 directly from a post within Social Engagement. For example, you can create a lead and assign it to the right salesperson in Dynamics 365 so they can follow up with potential customers efficiently.

  1. Get an overview of Dynamics 365 integration.

  2. Set up the connection to Dynamics 365.

  3. Set up record details for leads.

  4. Create a lead from a post in Social Engagement.

Sales automation: leverage intelligence to automatically find leads

Let Social Engagement work for you. Learn how automated intention analysis can help triage incoming posts.

You can create new leads from purchase intentions automatically by using automation rules. More information: Route posts by using automation rules

Social trend scout: set up trend alerts to learn about significant changes

If you're gathering posts that mention your main competitor, you can set up a trend alert to stay on top of what the competitor is doing—launching a new product, for example. Trend alerts are triggered when the number of newly found posts significantly exceeds the average number of posts. Create email notifications that are automatically sent to a group of recipients when a post or a trending change matches your filters. You can set the sensitivity of a trend alert when you create it, or adjust it later.

Social analytics: add widgets with social insights to entity forms in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 (online) users can add Social Engagement charts and visuals to dashboards or to account, contact, or competitor forms.

More information: Dynamics 365 Help & Training: Add Social Engagement visuals to a dashboard or account

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