Address customer service scenarios on social media with Social Engagement

Do you want to offer fast, powerful support to your customers on social channels? This overview suggests ways you and your team can use Social Engagement to address your customers' service requests on social media. Social Engagement lets you keep track of requests and adds intelligence on top of this tracking. You can answer customers directly in Social Engagement or link them to Dynamics 365 for further tracking.


Social customer care scenario overview

The following steps describe an end-to-end configuration for social customer care. Review the steps and decide which are relevant for your customer care scenario.

  1. Enable service reps to engage with customers via social media by adding and sharing social profiles and streams.

  2. Before you start engaging with customers, you need to create a search topic with rules that gather all posts that address your organization's social profiles. For example, if you added a Twitter or Facebook page profile, make sure you allow the acquisition of private messages and create search rules that gather private messages and all post types for the profile.

  3. Add tags, automatically and manually, and learn how automated intention analysis can help triage incoming posts. Let Social Engagement do some of your work for you.

  4. Save time on repetitive tasks. Create new case records in Dynamics 365 directly from a post within Social Engagement.

  5. Collaborate with your team and make sure they address the right customer issue with the intended priority.


Some of these capabilities can be automated. More information: Route posts using automation rules

Manage social profiles to participate in conversations

Learn how to add and share social profiles and streams in Social Center, how to keep them up and running, and how to enable users to post on behalf of your organization.

  1. Add a new social profile.

  2. Share a social profile.

  3. Create and share a stream.

  4. Keep social profiles up and running.

Use intelligence to boost productivity

Let Social Engagement work for you. Find out how you can add tags to important posts, automatically or manually, and learn how intention analysis can help triage incoming posts and how to automate this process.

Create support cases in Dynamics 365 from social posts

Save time and minimize repetitive activities. Social Engagement lets you create new records in Dynamics 365 directly from a post within Social Engagement. For example, you can create a case and assign it so the right service rep in Dynamics 365 so they review and solve the case efficiently.

  1. Get an overview of the Dynamics 365 integration.

  2. Set up the connection to Dynamics 365.

  3. Set up record details for cases.

  4. Create a case from a post in Social Engagement.

Establish workflows and collaborate with other users

Collaborate with your team and make sure they prioritize the right issues.

  1. Assign posts to other users to distribute work across the team.

  2. Share streams with other users so they can work on posts in near–real time.

  3. Add labels to posts to route them to specific streams.


Social Engagement leverages Office 365 Groups to enable collaboration with groups of people. More information: Work with Office 365 Groups in Social Engagement

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