Personalize the Social Selling Assistant


Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

When using the Social Selling Assistant for the first time, users will get recommendations for all available search topics in Social Engagement. To personalize the experience, we recommend each user select specific topics that are of interest to them. Additionally, users must add their social profiles to be able to share content recommendations on their networks.

Access the Social Selling Assistant dashboard

To access the Social Selling Assistant in Microsoft Dynamics 365, go to Sales > Dashboards and select the Social Selling Assistant dashboard.

Screenshot of Dynamics 365 for Sales with the Social Selling Assistant dashboard selected

If you don't see the Social Selling Assistant dashboard, contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator.

More information: TechNet: Install the Social Selling Assistant

Personalize the Social Selling Assistant

When you open the Social Selling Assistant for the first time, you can personalize how you experience it. We currently offer two types of recommendations: one for sharing content and one for getting insights. Select which search topics you find relevant and choose whether you want to get insights about a group of search topics. Additionally, you add social profiles to share the recommended content.

Configure your personal experience

  1. Open the Social Selling Assistant.

  2. In the personalization wizard, click Personalize.

  3. Click Share Content, select the search topics that are relevant for you, and click Save Save button to apply your changes.

    Screenshot of five selected search topics for the Social Selling Assistant personalization settings

  4. Click Get Insights and manage the topics you want insights for. For example, you might create a new insight group for your business partners and add search topics relating to your partners to get insights so you can stay on top of what your partners are saying on social media. Click Save Save button to apply your changes.

    Overview of the Get Insights configuration, showing the default insight groups along with controls to add, edit, or delete them

    By default, Social Engagement creates Insight Groups for Customers, Competitors, and My brands. You can edit (Edit button), or remove (Delete button) them, and create (Add button) additional insight groups.

  5. If you have a responder or manager interaction role, click Social Profiles to add profiles you own. You can add profiles from LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to share content directly from the Social Selling Assistant. If your administrator shared a social profile with you, you can select it from the list. To add a social profile or to share a social profile you own with other users, see Manage social profiles.


If you’ve set the dark theme in Social Engagement, the Social Selling Assistant will inherit this setting.

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