Microsoft Social Engagement Privacy Notices

Your privacy is important to us. For Microsoft Online Services, read the Microsoft Online Services privacy Statement.

For specific privacy information about Microsoft Social Engagement, refer to the paragraphs below.

Microsoft Social Engagement Privacy Notices

  • Microsoft Social Engagement offers hosted online services available to a wide variety of customers and comprises the following social capability components within the software application:

    Social Media Monitoring – ability to listen to and monitor publicly available social communications across public and managed networks administered by third parties.

    Social Analytics – ability to identify, compute, and project queries related to publicly available documents and posts.

    Please note that Microsoft Social Engagement may enable access to third-party services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and blogs whose privacy practices may differ from Social Engagement. Your use of such services, and any information you provide to them, is governed by their service-specific privacy statements. When establishing these connections, certain data, such as the search query used to retrieve the Social Content and your IP address, may be shared with those services. You are encouraged to review these other privacy statements. You are also encouraged to review the Microsoft Online Services Terms.

  • Microsoft Social Engagement uses session cookies to allow users to move from page to page without having to sign in again on each page. At the user’s direction, we may use cookies to store credentials to facilitate authentication for future sessions.
    Session cookies are essential to operate Microsoft Social Engagement; there is no option to opt out of these cookies. However, sign-in cookies are stored only at the user’s request.

  • Microsoft Social Engagement stores customer search configurations and data curations in tenant-separated databases (customer data). The customer data is then cached on the server side in an internal application, to allow common retrieval indexing for the sole purpose of maximizing solution performance.
    Access to index cached data (customer data) is handled exclusively by the internal application, and does not allow users to access or modify index cached data interactively in the internal application. After a subscription license agreement is terminated, customer index cached data is removed after a period of 180 days, according to our data retention policies.

  • For every new or changed search topic configuration we run an initial estimation with third-party social content providers to assess the amount of posts we will acquire with your provided search topic configuration. For this purpose your keywords, inclusions, exclusions, and applied language filters will be submitted to third-party social content providers.

  • If you designate a Microsoft partner (for example, by trying or purchasing Microsoft Social Engagement in response to a partner request or quote, or by designating a partner to assist in the use or administration of Social Engagement), Microsoft will make your information available to the partner as you direct.

  • By enabling Social Engagement to connect to Azure Event Hubs, you will allow social data to be streamed to event hubs using automation rules. Azure Event Hubs stores the social data streamed from Social Engagement for a pre-configured period of time and any application that can listen to the event hub will be able to access, store and/or process this data.

    Note that the social data sent from Social Engagement includes information regarding the social post (author and text) as well as enriched information such as Language, Location, Sentiment, Tags, etc. For complete information on the content of a social post sent to event hubs, please see the JSON schema definition.

  • By enabling Microsoft Social Engagement to connect to Dynamics 365, you will allow data to be sent to Dynamics 365 using an individual action on a post or automation rules.

    Dynamics 365 stores the data from Microsoft Social Engagement as a SocialActivity and a SocialProfile entity, and subsequently may convert the SocialActivity into a different record type based on predefined rules. Any Dynamics 365 user with the required permission to access Dynamics 365 records will be able to access and/or process this data.

    Note that the data sent from Microsoft Social Engagement includes both Social Content and customer data. Specifically, the data includes Social Content information about the social post (author and text) as well as customer data in the form of enriched information, such as sentiment and tags. For complete information about the content of the data sent to Dynamics 365, please see the payload properties topic.

  • Microsoft Social Engagement uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect the language of the content in private messages from Twitter and Facebook pages. To detect the language, only the title and content of private messages are sent to Microsoft Cognitive Services. The title and content of private messages are not stored in Microsoft Cognitive Services. Review the privacy statement for Microsoft Cognitive Services.

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