Optimize browser settings for Social Engagement

In our everyday lives, we use our favorite browsers to work with web applications and surf the Internet. Some browser settings can impact the user experience for a few features in Microsoft Social Engagement. This topic discusses recommended browser settings for a smooth experience.

Manage pop-up blockers

To link posts to Dynamics 365, add social profiles, engage on social posts, and create certain types of search rules, your browser needs to open new windows automatically. This may trigger your browser’s pop-up blocker.


We recommend that you add the URL of your Social Engagement solution to the list of trusted sites and allow pop-ups.

Many browsers allow you to choose how new tabs or pages open by default when a pop-up is encountered. Some of the features may not work if your browser is set to open pop-ups in a new tab.


We recommend that you configure your browser to open pop-ups in a new window.

Refer to the links below for more information about how to manage pop-up blockers in the most-used browsers.

Work InPrivate or go incognito

You can often avoid issues with session cookies by using your preferred browser in “private mode”. This lets you establish a fresh session to the sites and application you log on to without interfering with cookies from other sessions.

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