Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Updates

Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.2

Create records in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement from a post in Social Engagement

Admins can now connect one or more Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement instance with their organization’s Social Engagement solution to create social activities and records in Customer Engagement from a post in Social Engagement. With these new capabilities, increase the efficiency of your sales, marketing, and service teams, by creating rules for automatic conversions of social activity to any system or custom record in Customer Engagement. You'll be able to create or update one or more records from a single social activity, and provide additional information to define conditions in the conversion rules. More information: Link posts from Social Engagement to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, Set up rules to automatically create or update records in CRM

Adaptive learning for an organization’s sentiment calculations

The sentiment algorithm can now learn from edits to sentiment values. You can turn on the adaptive learning by going to Settings > Global Settings > Sentiment, and then turn it off at any time when you’re satisfied with the quality level of your sentiment. You can also reset all edited sentiment values to the default base model for sentiment detection. The sentiment algorithm builds a dedicated model based on the users’ inputs for each organization individually. More information: Adaptive learning for your organization’s sentiment value edits

New sentiment and app languages introduced

The application interface and sentiment calculation are now available for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish besides the already available languages for the application interface and sentiment calculation. For more information about the languages that Social Engagement is translated into, see the Microsoft Social Engagement Translation Guide.

Mobile-friendly settings and alerts

The Settings and Alerts areas are updated to enrich the experience for mobile devices and tablets. More information: Get started with Social Engagement

Social profiles moved to personal settings area

You can now manage your social profiles by navigating to Settings > Personal Settings > Social Profiles. For more information on how to work with social profiles, see Manage social profiles

Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.1

Visualize posts in real-time with activity maps

Create and manage activity maps to see real-time visualizations of posts with location information. Show this on a large screen and let your audience know where your topics are being discussed in the world. More information: Define activity maps to view real-time data

Analyze posts with unified sentiment

Sentiment values are no longer target specific, so you don’t need to select a search topic to see sentiment values for the posts anymore. The sentiment value of a post is now determined regardless of the keywords that you chose while setting up your search topics. More information: Understand the public perception using Sentiment Analysis

Administer Social Engagement with a redesigned Settings area

All pages in the Settings area now adapt to the screen size of tablets. Additionally, Solution Defaults are now called Global Settings.

Download data to Excel

Widgets in the Analytics area of Social Engagement now let you export data points to a downloadable Excel file. Along with the visualized data points, additional details regarding the configuration of the data set are shared. More information: Export data from widgets and lists

Expand the Authors widget to full view

You can now expand the Authors widget in the Analytics area to see, and work with, up to 100 records. You can remove authors in bulk from your solution’s data acquisition and add quick filters to include several authors at once. More information: Understand widgets on the Overview page

Provide delegated administration privileges to Microsoft cloud service providers

Customers can now delegate the administration of their Social Engagement solution to a cloud service provider, without adding the service provider as a licensed user. More information: Enable a partner as a delegated admin

Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1

Listen, analyze, and engage on social posts

With the redesigned user interface, which puts the information up front, it’s easier than ever to navigate and find the posts that matter to you, so you can analyze and take action on them. You can now find the posts that matter to you, analyze them, and take action on those posts in a single application. To reflect the addition of Social Center functionality, the product name has changed to Microsoft Social Engagement.

Stay connected with your audience using Social Center

Engage with your audience on Facebook and Twitter, directly from within Social Engagement. With Social Center, you can create and share user-based streams to follow conversations and collaborate when working with posts. Assign posts to other users and add custom labels to a post. You can also authenticate social profiles and reply to posts or direct messages in real time. More information: Keep track of live data streams with Social Center

Analyze social data with widgets

Clickable areas on widgets let you visually add or remove filters for quick and interactive analysis. Additionally, you can now access posts from every page in Analytics, providing a convenient way to read the actual contents. More information: Analyze social data using widgets.

Identify significant phrases in social posts

Content analytics are key to understanding what people are talking about on social media. We’re introducing the new Conversations page in Analytics to provide deep insights into the content of the social conversations. We extract important phrases from all social posts in your data set, not just a sample, to provide a clear view into what’s on the minds of your customers and stakeholders on social media. More information: Gain insights from public conversations.

Use filters across different areas

Use powerful filters to slice and dice your data and use it in different areas of Social Engagement. Newly added filters (such as the label filter and post types filter) put even more power in your hands to define the data you want to see. More information: Get relevant data using filters.

Set up search topics using multiple rules

Search topics provide a more intuitive creation process, providing different types of search rules. You can add Facebook pages and Twitter handles directly to a search topic, allowing more consolidated search topics and analysis. Additionally, you can create and manage custom categories to organize search topics according to your requirements. You can now check the quota for all your search topics, single categories, or single search topics of your solution. The quota feedback calculation on the estimated number of results now takes the selected sources and search languages into account. More information: Set up searches to listen to social media conversations.

Choose from two color themes

You can display the user interface for the Analytics areas, Social Center, and Search setup in either a light or a dark color theme. More information: Set your preferences for the user interface.

Explore Microsoft Social Engagement with more multimedia content

There’s more multimedia content added regularly to help you understand different aspects of Social Engagement. To find a list of available videos and eBooks, see Videos & eBooks.