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Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

After personalizing the Social Selling Assistant for your individual use-case, you can start using it to discover and share posts that are of interest for your audience

Share posts from your personalized feed

When you work with the feed of your Social Selling Assistant, keep in mind that some actions also influence the underlying recommendation algorithm. The more inputs you provide to the system, the more it can learn and the more relevant posts it can recommend.

Screenshot of the Social Selling Assistant with highlighted controls of Done, View, Share, and More Actions

  • Share is the main action for recommendations based on Share Content personalization settings. It lets you choose from your social profiles and to share the link to the selected post. More information: Publish and react to posts

  • View is the main action for recommendations based on Get Insights personalization settings. It opens the details of the post and shows additional information. More information: Publish and react to posts

  • Clicking Apply button Done indicates that you don't plan any further actions on this post. It will be removed from the post list in the Social Selling Assistant.

  • Click More actions (More options button. Click this button to see more options for this post in the Social Selling Assistant) for more options to work with this post.

    • Clicking Not interested indicates to the algorithm that the recommended content wasn’t relevant for you.
      This sends a signal to the recommendation model to improve it over time.

    • You can click Copy to clipboard ( Copy button ) if you want to work with the source of the post. For example, you can create a new task in Microsoft Dynamics 365 if you plan to follow up on a post later.

    • You can Retweet Retweet button in Social Engagement on Twitter.

By default, posts are sorted by recommendation type. To change to a chronological order, click Sort (Change the sort order button).

To get the latest recommendations, click Refresh (Refresh button). New recommendations may or may not contain posts that were present in the list prior to refreshing.

To change your personalization settings, click Personalize (Personalize the Social Selling Assistant button) .

Recommendation types

There are four types of recommendations in the Social Selling Assistant. Posts in the assistant’s feed can match more than one type. By default, posts are ordered as below.

  • Promoted: Users in Microsoft Social Engagement with appropriate employee roles (i.e. a community manager) can promote posts in the Social Selling assistant by tagging them in Social Engagement. Think of it as a carefully selected Editor’s pick. If a promoted post matches both Share Content and Insights, it will be shown for Share Content. Otherwise, it will be shown for Insights.

  • Owned: Posts from profiles that your organization owns. Keep an eye for newsworthy announcements and help spreading the word. This recommendation type is currently not available for Insights.

  • Trending: Popular posts matching the selected search topics. Usually, these are posts that are shared more often than others.

  • Recommended: This is where the magic happens. A personalized machine learning algorithm looks at which posts you share and which you aren’t interested in. It will adapt over time and refine its recommendations based on your personal usage patterns.

Labels and colored borders indicate why a post shows in the list. When titled Insight: <Insight Group Name>, cards have blue borders, and the post originates from your personalization settings for Get Insights. Cards titled Share Content with yellow borders are based on the selected search topics for Shared Content.

Promote a post to the Social Selling Assistant

When a tag is configured to promote a post in the Social Selling Assistant, you can add this tag to any post you'd like to promote in the Social Selling Assistant.

Add a promotion tag to a post

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