Performance enhancement for CRM entity page loads

With this release of Unified Service Desk 3.2, you can experience enhanced performance of CRM entity page loading in Unified Service Desk with the Internet Explorer Pooling feature.

Unified Service Desk always maintains a pool of Internet Explorer instances for hosted controls to use. Opening a hosted control using a pooled Internet Explorer instance enhances the performance of the Unified Service Desk.


  • The Internet Explorer pooling feature supports only CRM entity pages hosted in CRM page hosted control.
  • When you enable the pooling feature and open a CRM page hosted control, you can see in Task Manager that Unified Service Desk creates a number of Internet Explorer process instances for hosted controls to use.
  • The performance of the Internet Explorer pooling feature is dependent on the resources available on the client computer.

Enable Internet Explorer pooling

By default, Internet Explorer pooling is disabled. To enable pooling, a System Administrator must configure the option on the Active UII Options page and set it to true.

To enable Internet Explorer pooling:

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365.

  2. Go to Settings > Unified Service Desk.

  3. Choose Options.

  4. click New on the Active UII Options page.

  5. Choose Others for the Global Option field.

  6. Type InternetExplorerPooling for the Name field.

  7. Set true for the Value field.

  8. Click Save.

    Enable InternetExplorerPooling option

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