bookableresourcebooking EntityType

Represents the line details of a resource booking.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.0/bookableresourcebookings
Base Type
Display Name
Bookable Resource Booking
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
bookableresourcebookingid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the resource booking.

Display Name: Bookable Resource Booking

bookingtype Edm.Int32

Select whether the booking is solid or liquid. Solid bookings are firm and cannot be changed whereas liquid bookings can be changed.

Display Name: Booking Type

Default Options
Value Label
2 Liquid
1 Solid
createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the record was created.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
duration Edm.Int32

Enter the duration of the booking.

Display Name: Duration

endtime Edm.DateTimeOffset

Enter the end date and time of the booking.

Display Name: End Time

exchangerate Edm.Decimal

Exchange rate for the currency associated with the bookableresourcebooking with respect to the base currency.

Display Name: ExchangeRate

Read Only
importsequencenumber Edm.Int32

Sequence number of the import that created this record.

Display Name: Import Sequence Number

modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the record was modified.

Display Name: Modified On

Read Only
msdyn_acceptcascadecrewchanges Edm.Boolean

Defines whether this booking accepts changes propagated as cascading changes

Display Name: Accept Cascade Crew Changes

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_actualarrivaltime Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the time that work started.

Display Name: Actual Arrival Time

msdyn_actualtravelduration Edm.Int32

Shows the total travel duration. If you leave this field blank the system automatically determines the travel duration by calculating the resource journal details.

Display Name: Actual Travel Duration

msdyn_allowoverlapping Edm.Boolean

Allow the time of this booking to be displayed on the schedule assistant as available.

Display Name: Allow Overlapping

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_bookingmethod Edm.Int32

Shows the method used to create this booking.

Display Name: Booking Method

Default Options
Value Label
690970005 System - Agreement Schedule
690970001 Schedule Board
690970002 Mobile
690970003 Manual
690970004 Schedule Assistant
msdyn_cascadecrewchanges Edm.Boolean

Defines whether changing any of the following fields (Start Time, End Time, Status) should cascade the changes to other bookings on this requirement that have the same start and end time.

Display Name: Cascade Crew Changes

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_effort Edm.Decimal

Capacity that needs to take from resource capacity

Display Name: Capacity

msdyn_estimatedarrivaltime Edm.DateTimeOffset

Estimated Arrival Time

Display Name: Estimated Arrival Time

msdyn_estimatedtravelduration Edm.Int32

Estimated Travel Duration

Display Name: Estimated Travel Duration

msdyn_internalflags Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: Internal Flags

msdyn_latitude Edm.Double

Display Name: Latitude

msdyn_longitude Edm.Double

Display Name: Longitude

msdyn_milestraveled Edm.Double

In this field you can enter the total miles the resource drove to the job site

Display Name: Miles Traveled

msdyn_offlinetimestamp Edm.DateTimeOffset

Internal Use. This field is used to capture the time when the Booking was updated on mobile offline.

Display Name: Offline Timestamp

msdyn_preventtimestampcreation Edm.Boolean

Prevents time stamp creation if the time stamp was already created on a mobile device.

Display Name: Prevent Timestamp Creation

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_signature Edm.String

This field is used for capturing signature on Mobile (using the Pen Control)

Display Name: Signature

msdyn_slottext Edm.String

Shows the automatically generated text of the time slot on the schedule board.

Display Name: Slot Text

msdyn_totalbillableduration Edm.Int32

Shows the total billable duration. If you leave this field blank the system automatically determines the billable duration by calculating the resource journal details.

Display Name: Total Billable Duration

msdyn_totalbreakduration Edm.Int32

Shows the total break duration. If you leave this field blank the system automatically determines the break duration by calculating the resource journal details.

Display Name: Total Break Duration

msdyn_totalcost Edm.Decimal

Shows the total cost for this booking.

Display Name: Total Cost

msdyn_totalcost_base Edm.Decimal

Value of the Total Cost in base currency.

Display Name: Total Cost (Base)

Read Only
msdyn_totaldurationinprogress Edm.Int32

Shows the total duration that this booking was in progress.

Display Name: Total Duration In Progress

msdyn_traveltimerescheduling Edm.Boolean

Display Name: Travel Time Rescheduling (Deprecated)

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_ursinternalflags Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: Internal Flags

msdyn_worklocation Edm.Int32

Display Name: Work Location

Default Options
Value Label
690970000 Onsite
690970001 Facility
690970002 Location Agnostic
name Edm.String

Type a name for the booking.

Display Name: Name

overriddencreatedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time that the record was migrated.

Display Name: Record Created On

processid Edm.Guid

Contains the id of the process associated with the entity.

Display Name: Process Id

stageid Edm.Guid

Contains the id of the stage where the entity is located.

Display Name: (Deprecated) Stage Id

starttime Edm.DateTimeOffset

Enter the start date and time of the booking.

Display Name: Start Time

statecode Edm.Int32

Status of the Bookable Resource Booking

Display Name: Status

Default Options
Value Label
0 Active
1 Inactive
statuscode Edm.Int32

Reason for the status of the Bookable Resource Booking

Display Name: Status Reason

Default Options
Value Label
1 Active
2 Inactive
timezoneruleversionnumber Edm.Int32

For internal use only.

Display Name: Time Zone Rule Version Number

traversedpath Edm.String

A comma separated list of string values representing the unique identifiers of stages in a Business Process Flow Instance in the order that they occur.

Display Name: (Deprecated) Traversed Path

utcconversiontimezonecode Edm.Int32

Time zone code that was in use when the record was created.

Display Name: UTC Conversion Time Zone Code

versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version Number

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Retrieve data about lookup properties.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_bookingstatus_value BookingStatus

Select the status of the booking.

_createdby_value createdbyname

Unique identifier of the user who created the record.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfbyname

Unique identifier of the delegate user who created the record.

_header_value Header

Shows the reference to the booking header record that represents the summary of bookings.

_modifiedby_value modifiedbyname

Unique identifier of the user who modified the record.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfbyname

Unique identifier of the delegate user who modified the record.

_msdyn_agreementbookingdate_value msdyn_agreementbookingdate

Agreement Booking Date from where this Booking was generated

_msdyn_appointmentbookingid_value BookingStatus

Unique identifier for Appointment associated with Bookable Resource Booking.

_msdyn_bookingsetupmetadataid_value msdyn_BookingSetupMetadataId

A unique identifier for the booking setup metadata that is associated with a bookable resource booking.

_msdyn_projectid_value msdyn_projectid

Project of booking detail record

_msdyn_projectteamid_value msdyn_projectteamid

Project team member of booking detail record

_msdyn_requirementgroupid_value msdyn_requirementgroupid

Requirement Group

_msdyn_resourcecategoryid_value msdyn_resourcecategoryid

Resource Category

_msdyn_resourcegroup_value msdyn_resourcegroup

Unique identifier for Resource associated with Resource Booking

_msdyn_resourcerequirement_value msdyn_ResourceRequirement

Resource Requirement

_msdyn_timegroupdetailselected_value msdyn_timegroupdetailselected
_msdyn_workorder_value msdyn_workorder

Unique identifier for Work Order associated with Resource Booking.

_ownerid_value ownerid

Owner Id

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Unique identifier for the business unit that owns the record

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier for the team that owns the record.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier for the user that owns the record.

_resource_value Resource

Shows the resource that is booked.

_transactioncurrencyid_value transactioncurrencyid

Exchange rate for the currency associated with the BookableResourceBooking with respect to the base currency.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
BookingStatus bookingstatus bookingstatus_bookableresourcebooking_BookingStatus
createdbyname systemuser lk_bookableresourcebooking_createdby
createdonbehalfbyname systemuser lk_bookableresourcebooking_createdonbehalfby
Header bookableresourcebookingheader bookableresourcebookingheader_bookableresourcebooking_Header
modifiedbyname systemuser lk_bookableresourcebooking_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfbyname systemuser lk_bookableresourcebooking_modifiedonbehalfby
msdyn_agreementbookingdate msdyn_agreementbookingdate msdyn_msdyn_agreementbookingdate_bookableresourcebooking_AgreementBookingDate
msdyn_AppointmentBookingId appointment msdyn_appointment_bookableresourcebooking
msdyn_BookingSetupMetadataId msdyn_bookingsetupmetadata msdyn_msdyn_bookingsetupmetadata_bookableresour
msdyn_projectid msdyn_project msdyn_msdyn_project_bookableresourcebooking_projectid
msdyn_projectteamid msdyn_projectteam msdyn_msdyn_projectteam_bookableresourcebooking_projectteamid
msdyn_resourcecategoryid bookableresourcecategory msdyn_bookableresourcecategory_bookableresourcebooking_resourcecategoryid
msdyn_resourcegroup bookableresource msdyn_bookableresource_bookableresourcebooking_ResourceGroup
msdyn_ResourceRequirement msdyn_resourcerequirement msdyn_resourcerequirement_bookableresourcebooking_ResourceRequirement
msdyn_timegroupdetailselected msdyn_timegroupdetail msdyn_msdyn_timegroupdetail_bookableresourcebooking_TimeGroupDetailSelected
msdyn_workorder msdyn_workorder msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder
ownerid principal owner_bookableresourcebooking
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_bookableresourcebooking
owningteam team team_bookableresourcebooking
owninguser systemuser user_bookableresourcebooking
Resource bookableresource bookableresource_bookableresourcebooking_Resource
transactioncurrencyid transactioncurrency TransactionCurrency_bookableresourcebooking

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
bookableresourcebooking_ActivityPointers activitypointer regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_Annotations annotation objectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_Appointments appointment regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_appointment
bookableresourcebooking_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_BulkOperations bulkoperation regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_bulkoperation
bookableresourcebooking_CampaignActivities campaignactivity regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_campaignactivity
bookableresourcebooking_CampaignResponses campaignresponse regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_campaignresponse
bookableresourcebooking_DuplicateBaseRecord duplicaterecord baserecordid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_DuplicateMatchingRecord duplicaterecord duplicaterecordid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_Emails email regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_email
bookableresourcebooking_Faxes fax regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_fax
bookableresourcebooking_IncidentResolutions incidentresolution regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_incidentresolution
bookableresourcebooking_Letters letter regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_letter
bookableresourcebooking_MailboxTrackingFolders mailboxtrackingfolder regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_approvals msdyn_approval regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_approval
bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_bookingalerts msdyn_bookingalert regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_bookingalert
bookableresourcebooking_OpportunityCloses opportunityclose regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_opportunityclose
bookableresourcebooking_OrderCloses orderclose regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_orderclose
bookableresourcebooking_PhoneCalls phonecall regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_phonecall
bookableresourcebooking_PrincipalObjectAttributeAccesses principalobjectattributeaccess objectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_ProcessSession processsession regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking
bookableresourcebooking_QuoteCloses quoteclose regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_quoteclose
bookableresourcebooking_RecurringAppointmentMasters recurringappointmentmaster regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_recurringappointmentmaster
bookableresourcebooking_ServiceAppointments serviceappointment regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_serviceappointment
bookableresourcebooking_SocialActivities socialactivity regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_socialactivity
BookableResourceBooking_SyncErrors syncerror regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_syncerror
bookableresourcebooking_Tasks task regardingobjectid_bookableresourcebooking_task
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_bookingjournal_Booking msdyn_bookingjournal msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_bookingtimestamp_Booking msdyn_bookingtimestamp msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_purchaseorder_Booking msdyn_purchaseorder msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_purchaseorderproduct_AssociateToBooking msdyn_purchaseorderproduct msdyn_associatetobooking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_purchaseorderreceiptproduct_AssociateToBooking msdyn_purchaseorderreceiptproduct msdyn_associatetobooking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_rtv_Booking msdyn_rtv msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_workorderproduct_Booking msdyn_workorderproduct msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_workorderservice_Booking msdyn_workorderservice msdyn_booking
msdyn_bookableresourcebooking_msdyn_workorderservicetask_Booking msdyn_workorderservicetask msdyn_booking


The following operations can be used with the bookableresourcebooking entity type.

Name Binding
GrantAccess Not Bound
ModifyAccess Not Bound
RetrievePrincipalAccess Not Bound
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess Not Bound
RevokeAccess Not Bound


The following solutions include the bookableresourcebooking entity type.

Name Description
Field Service Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows organizations of any size to deliver intelligent, world class field service, managing all aspects of the end-to-end field service management cycle. Features include scheduling, mobile, asset management, inventory control, customer notifications, and resource utilization controls that help maximize efficiency and minimize costs.
Universal Resource Scheduling The Universal Resource Scheduling solution provides the infrastructure to express resource requirements for any entity in the system and help staff those requirements with resources based on the availability and applicability of the resource for the requirement.
Scheduling Dynamics 365 workload for scheduling.
Project Service Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is an end-to-end solution that helps sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budget. Project Service gives you the tools you need to: Estimate, quote, and contract work; Plan and assign resources; Enable team collaboration; Capture time, expense, and progress data for real-time insights and accurate invoicing.

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