Web API ComplexType Reference

ComplexTypes represent structured data that doesn't have a key. Complex types are frequently returned as a response from using an Action or Function.

In This Section

Name Description
AddItemCampaignActivityResponse Contains the response from the AddItemCampaignActivity action.
AddMemberListResponse Contains the response from the AddMemberList action.
AddSolutionComponentResponse Contains the response from the AddSolutionComponent action.
AddToQueueResponse Contains the response from the AddToQueue action.
AddUserToRecordTeamResponse Contains the response from the AddUserToRecordTeam action.
AppointmentProposal Represents a proposed appointment time and date as a result of the Search function.
AppointmentRequest Provides the details of an appointment request for the Search function.
AppointmentsToIgnore Specifies the appointments to ignore in an appointment request from the Search function.
AssociatedMenuConfiguration Defines how the associated records are displayed for an entity relationship.
AttributeMapping For internal use only.
AttributePrivilege Specifies the field level security privileges allowed for an attribute.
AttributeQueryExpression Contains query to retrieve attribute metadata for entities retrieved using EntityQueryExpression ComplexType.
AttributeRequiredLevelManagedProperty Represents the data to define a RequiredLevel property for an attribute.
AttributeTypeDisplayName Provides a list of types of attributes used by AttributeMetadata.AttributeTypeName
AuditDetail Stores details of data changes.
AuditDetailCollection Contains a collection of AuditDetail ComplexType variables.
AuditPartitionDetail Identifies a Microsoft SQL Server partition that is used to store changes to entity data records.
BackgroundSendEmailResponse Contains the response from BackgroundSendEmail action.
BookResponse Contains the response from the Book action.
BooleanManagedProperty Defines a managed property that stores a Boolean value.
BulkDeleteResponse The response from the BulkDelete Action.
BulkDetectDuplicatesResponse The response from the BulkDetectDuplicates Action.
BusinessNotification For internal use only
BusinessNotificationParameter For internal use only.
CalculateActualValueOpportunityResponse Contains the response from the CalculateActualValueOpportunity action.
CalculateTotalTimeIncidentResponse Contains the response from the CalculateTotalTimeIncident function.
CanBeReferencedResponse Contains the response from the CanBeReferenced action.
CanBeReferencingResponse Contains the response from the CanBeReferencing action
CanManyToManyResponse Contains the response from the CanManyToMany action.
CascadeConfiguration Contains properties representing actions that may be performed on the referenced entity in a one-to-many entity relationship.
CheckIncomingEmailResponse Contains the response from the CheckIncomingEmail function.
CheckPromoteEmailResponse Contains the response from the CheckPromoteEmail function.
CloneAsPatchResponse Contains the response from the CloneAsPatch action.
CloneAsSolutionResponse Contains the response from the CloneAsSolution action.
ColumnSet Specifies the attributes for which non-null values are returned from a query.
ComplexAttributeMetadata Contains the metadata for a complex attribute.
ComplexEntityKeyMetadata Contains the metadata for a complex entity key.
ComplexEntityMetadata Contains the metadata for a complex entity.
ComplexLookupAttributeMetadata The definition of a lookup attribute passed to the CreateCustomerRelationships Action Lookup parameter.
ComplexManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Contains the metadata for a many-to-many entity relationship.
ComplexOneToManyRelationshipMetadata Contains the metadata for a one-to-many entity relationship.
Component Contains a collection of components.
ComponentDetail Provides additional information about the solution components that are related to a missing component.
ConditionExpression An expression used to filter the results of the query.
ConstraintRelation Specifies additional constraints to be applied when you select resources for appointments.
CreateActivitiesListResponse Contains the response from the CreateActivitiesList action.
CreateCustomerRelationshipsResponse The response from the CreateCustomerRelationships Action.
CreateExceptionResponse Contains the response from the CreateException action.
CreateInstanceResponse Contains the response from the CreateInstance action.
DateTimeBehavior Specifies the behavior of a DateTimeAttributeMetadata attribute using the DateTimeBehavior property.
DeleteAndPromoteResponse Contains the response from the DeleteAndPromote action.
DeleteAuditDataResponse Contains the response from the DeleteAuditData action.
DeletedMetadataCollection Contains deleted metadata.
DeleteRecordChangeHistoryResponse The response for the DeleteRecordChangeHistory action.
DownloadReportDefinitionResponse Contains the response from the DownloadReportDefinition function.
EndpointCollection A collection of service endpoints.
EntityKeyQueryExpression Contains the details of retrieved entity keys.
EntityQueryExpression Contains the retrieved entity metadata.
EntityRecordCountCollection The collection of results for the RetrieveTotalRecordCount Function.
ErrorInfo Specifies the results of a scheduling operation using the ValidateRequest, BookRequest, or Reschedule action.
ExpandCalendarResponse Contains the response from the ExpandCalendar function.
ExportFieldTranslationResponse Contains the response from the ExportFieldTranslation function.
ExportMappingsImportMapResponse The response from the ExportMappingsImportMap action.
ExportSolutionResponse Contains the response from the ExportSolution action.
ExportTranslationResponse Contains the response from the ExportTranslation action.
FetchXmlToQueryExpressionResponse The response from the FetchXmlToQueryExpression Action.
FilterExpression Specifies complex condition and logical filter expressions used for filtering the results of the query.
FindParentResourceGroupResponse Contains the response from the FindParentResourceGroup function.
FormatAddressResponse Contains the response from the FormatAddress Function.
GetDistinctValuesImportFileResponse The response from the GetDistinctValuesImportFile function.
GetHeaderColumnsImportFileResponse The response from the GetHeaderColumnsImportFile function.
GetQuantityDecimalResponse Contains the response from the GetQuantityDecimal function.
GetReportHistoryLimitResponse Contains the response from the GetReportHistoryLimit function.
GetTimeZoneCodeByLocalizedNameResponse Contains the response from the GetTimeZoneCodeByLocalizedName function.
GetTrackingTokenEmailResponse Contains the response from the GetTrackingTokenEmail function.
GetValidManyToManyResponse Contains the response from the GetValidManyToMany function.
GetValidReferencedEntitiesResponse Contains the response from the GetValidReferencingEntities function.
GetValidReferencingEntitiesResponse Contains the response from the GetValidReferencingEntities function.
GuidCollection Contains the collection of unique identifiers.
InputArgument Contains custom application data.
InputArgumentCollection Contains a collection of InputArgument objects.
InsertOptionValueResponse Contains the response from the InsertOptionValue action.
InsertStatusValueResponse Contains the response from the InsertStatusValue action.
IsComponentCustomizableResponse Contains the response from the IsComponentCustomizable function.
IsDataEncryptionActiveResponse Contains the response from the IsDataEncryptionActive function.
IsValidStateTransitionResponse Contains the response from the IsValidStateTransition function.
Label Contains a collection of translations for a label.
LabelQueryExpression Contains the languages for the labels to be retrieved for metadata items.
LinkEntity Specifies the links between multiple entity types used in creating complex queries.
LocalizedLabel Contains a localized label, including the label string and the language code.
MailboxTrackingFolderMapping Represents an individual folder-level tracking rule item in the MailboxTrackingFolderMappingCollection.
MetadataConditionExpression Contains a condition expression used to filter the results of the metadata query.
MetadataFilterExpression Contains logical filter expressions used for filtering the results of a metadata query.
MetadataPropertiesExpression Contains the properties for which non-null values are returned from a query.
MissingComponent Contains the data to describe a solution component that is required by a solution but not found in the system.
msdyn_AcceptProposedBookingResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_AssignGenericResourceResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_AutoGenerateProjectTeamResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_BookingResourceRequirementResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_BookingResourceResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_CancelBookingsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ChangeRequestStatusResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_CloseQuoteAsLostResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_CloseQuoteAsWonResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateEstimateLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateExtensionRequirementResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_DeleteEstimateLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_FetchProjectCalendarWorkHoursResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_FieldServiceSystemActionResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_FpsActionResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_FulfillResourceDemandResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GeocodeAddressResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetAvailabilitySummaryFromDemandResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetBookingDetailsByRequirementIdsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetCollectionDataResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractBillingRadialGaugeDataResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractDetailedTransactionsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractEffortRadialGaugeDataResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDataForContractPerformanceResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDataForRadialGaugeResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDocumentManagementSettingsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDocumentStorePathResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetGenericResourceDetailsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetMultipleResourceBookingDetailsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetMyChangedSkillsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetPriceResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProductLineResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProductLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectCoparticipationResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectCurrenciesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectDetailsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectMapForContractLineResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectMapForQuoteLineResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectTaskCategoriesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProposedResourcesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetQuoteLineChargeabilityResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetRequirementChartDataResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetRequirementDemandDisplayResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetRequirementDemandResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceAvailabilityResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceAvailabilitySummaryResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceBookingByProjectResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceBookingDetailsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceBookingFormParametersResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourcePopupDetailsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourcesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetSummaryBookingsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetTransactionUnitPricesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_GetUserTimeZoneNameResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_IsProjectTemplatesViewResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_JsonGetBooleanResponse Contains the value returned from the msdyn_JsonGetBoolean Action.
msdyn_JsonGetNumberResponse Contains the value returned from the msdyn_JsonGetNumber Action.
msdyn_JsonGetStringResponse Contains the value returned from the msdyn_JsonGetString Action.
msdyn_LogFindWorkEventResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_GetFindResourcesURLResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_ReadFromExistingProjectResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ReadEstimateLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_RecommendWorkResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_RejectProposedBookingResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResAssignResourcesForTaskResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResGetResourceDetailResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResolveTimezoneResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceReservationCancelResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceSubstitutionResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceUtilizationChartResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceUtilizationResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_SaveProjectLineTasksResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesCopyPasteResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesPasteResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateChangedSkillsResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateEstimateLinesResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateRequirementDemandResponse For internal use only.
msdyn_ValidateFixedPriceLineTotalsResponse For internal use only.
Object Contains values to be passed as arguments.
ObjectiveRelation Contains the data that describes the scheduling strategy for an AppointmentRequest and that overrides the default constraints.
OptionMetadata Contains metadata representing an option within an Option set.
OrderExpression The order in which the entity instances are returned from the query.
OrganizationDetail Provides detailed information on an organization.
OrganizationInfo Provides information about the instance type and solutions available in an organization.
OrganizationResources Contains data regarding the resources used by an organization.
PagingInfo Specifies a number of pages and a number of entity instances per page to return from the query.
PrincipalAccess Contains access rights information for the security principal (user or team).
PropagateByExpressionResponse Contains the response from the PropagateByExpression Action.
ProposalParty Represents a party (user, team, or resource) that is needed for the proposed appointment.
QueryBase The abstract base class for constructing a query.
QueryExpression A complex query expressed in a hierarchy of expressions.
QueryExpressionToFetchXmlResponse Contains the response from the QueryExpressionToFetchXml Action.
QueryMultipleSchedulesResponse Contains the response from the QueryMultipleSchedules function.
QueryScheduleResponse Contains response from QuerySchedule function.
RelationshipQueryExpression Contains a complex query to retrieve entity relationship metadata for entities retrieved using an EntityQueryExpression.
RemoveSolutionComponentResponse Contains the response from the RemoveSolutionComponent action.
RemoveUserFromRecordTeamResponse Contains the response from the RemoveUserFromRecordTeam action.
RequiredResource Specifies a resource that is required for a scheduling operation.
RescheduleResponse Contains the response from the Reschedule action.
ResourceInfo Contains information about a resource that has a scheduling problem for an appointment.
RetrieveAbsoluteAndSiteCollectionUrlResponse The response from the RetrieveAbsoluteAndSiteCollectionUrl function.
RetrieveAllEntitiesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveAllEntities function.
RetrieveApplicationRibbonResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveApplicationRibbon function.
RetrieveAttributeChangeHistoryResponse Contains the response from RetrieveAttributeChangeHistory function.
RetrieveAuditDetailsResponse Contains the response from RetrieveAuditDetails function.
RetrieveAuditPartitionListResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveAuditPartitionList function.
RetrieveAvailableLanguagesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveAvailableLanguages function.
RetrieveCurrentOrganizationResponse Contains the response from processing RetrieveCurrentOrganization function.
RetrieveDataEncryptionKeyResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveDataEncryptionKey function.
RetrieveDeploymentLicenseTypeResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveDeploymentLicenseType function.
RetrieveDeprovisionedLanguagesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveDeprovisionedLanguages function.
RetrieveEntityResponse Contains the response from RetrieveEntity function.
RetrieveEntityRibbonResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveEntityRibbon function.
RetrieveExchangeRateResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveExchangeRate function.
RetrieveFormattedImportJobResultsResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveFormattedImportJobResults function.
RetrieveInstalledLanguagePacksResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveInstalledLanguagePacks function.
RetrieveInstalledLanguagePackVersionResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveInstalledLanguagePackVersion function.
RetrieveLicenseInfoResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveLicenseInfo function.
RetrieveLocLabelsResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveLocLabels function.
RetrieveMailboxTrackingFoldersResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveMailboxTrackingFolders function.
RetrieveMetadataChangesResponse Contains the response from RetrieveMetadataChanges function.
RetrieveMissingComponentsResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveMissingComponents function.
RetrieveOrganizationResourcesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveOrganizationResources function.
RetrieveParsedDataImportFileResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveParsedDataImportFile function.
RetrievePrincipalAccessResponse Contains the response from the RetrievePrincipalAccess function.
RetrievePrincipalAttributePrivilegesResponse Contains the response from the RetrievePrincipalAttributePrivileges function.
RetrievePrincipalSyncAttributeMappingsResponse Contains the response from the RetrievePrincipalSyncAttributeMappings function.
RetrieveProvisionedLanguagePackVersionResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveProvisionedLanguagePackVersion function.
RetrieveProvisionedLanguagesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveProvisionedLanguages function.
RetrieveRecordChangeHistoryResponse Contains the response from RetrieveRecordChangeHistory function.
RetrieveRolePrivilegesRoleResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveRolePrivilegesRole function.
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccessResponse Contains the response from RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess function.
RetrieveTeamPrivilegesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveTeamPrivileges function.
RetrieveTimestampResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveTimestamp function.
RetrieveTotalRecordCountResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveTotalRecordCount Function.
RetrieveUserLicenseInfoResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveUserLicenseInfo function.
RetrieveUserPrivilegesResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveUserPrivileges function.
RetrieveVersionResponse Contains the response from the RetrieveVersion function.
RolePrivilege Contains information about a privilege.
SearchResponse Contains the response from the Search function.
SearchResults Contains the results from the Search action.
SecurityPrivilegeMetadata The metadata that describes a security privilege for access to an entity.
SendEmailResponse Contains the response from the BackgroundSendEmail action.
ServicePlan Contains information about a service plan assigned to a system user.
Solution Contains information about a solution in an organization.
StateOptionMetadata Contains data to define an option for the options in a State attribute.
StatusOptionMetadata Contains one of the possible values for an attribute of type status.
StringCollection Collection of strings.
StringFormatName Specifies the format of a StringAttributeMetadata attribute using the FormatName property.
TimeInfo Specifies a set of time blocks with appointment information.
TimeInfoCollection The results of a search using the QueryMultipleSchedules function.
TraceInfo Contains the results of a scheduling operation using the ValidateRequest, BookRequest, RescheduleRequest, or Search actions.
UserLicenseInfo Contains information about the service plans that a system user has access to.
ValidateRecurrenceRuleResponse Contains the response from the ValidateRecurrenceRule function.
ValidateResponse Contains the response from the Validate action.
ValidationResult Contains the result from the ValidateRequest, BookRequest, or Reschedule actions.
WhoAmIResponse Contains the response from WhoAmI function.

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