IoT Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

Enables IoT scenarios in Dynamics 365.

Unique Name
Customization Prefix


The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
connection Relationship between two entities.
msdyn_iotdevice Represents a connected device that can registered with an IoT hub.
msdyn_iotdevicecategory Used to categorize IoT devices.
msdyn_iotdevicecommand Represents an outgoing message to a device connected to an IoT hub.
msdyn_iotdeviceregistrationhistory Tracks registration activities on an IoT device.


The following actions are included in this solution.

Name Description
msdyn_IoTSendTestAlert [Reserved for future use.]
msdyn_JsonGetBoolean Reads a Boolean property in the specified JSON object.
msdyn_JsonGetNumber Reads a numeric property in the specified JSON object.
msdyn_JsonGetString Reads a text property in the specified JSON object
msdyn_ParentIoTAlerts Calls the IoT - Debounce IoT Alerts action and passes 60 for the TimeSpan parameter.
msdyn_RegisterCustomEntity Registers any custom entity that may or may not already have connected IoT devices. This action invokes the IoT – Register Device action.
msdyn_RegisterIoTDevice Publishes the registration requests for an IoT device.

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