IoT Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

Unique Name
Customization Prefix


The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
connection Relationship between two entities.
msdyn_iotdevice Represents a connected device that can registered with an IoT hub.
msdyn_iotdevicecategory Used to categorize IoT devices.
msdyn_iotdevicecommand Represents an outgoing message to a device connected to an IoT hub.
msdyn_iotdeviceregistrationhistory Tracks registration activities on an IoT device.


The following actions are included in this solution.

Name Description
msdyn_IoTSendTestAlert [Reserved for future use.]
msdyn_JsonGetBoolean For internal use only.
msdyn_JsonGetNumber For internal use only.
msdyn_JsonGetString For internal use only.
msdyn_ParentIoTAlerts For internal use only.
msdyn_RegisterCustomEntity Registers any custom entity that may or may not already have connected IoT devices. This action invokes the IoT – Register Device action.
msdyn_RegisterIoTDevice Publishes the registration requests for an IoT device.

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