ModifyAccess Action

Replaces the access rights on the target record for the specified security principal (user or team).


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the action.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
crmbaseentity False True The entity that is the target of the request to modify access.
PrincipalAccess True True The team or user whose access to the specified record is modified.


Use the ModifyAccess action with the following entity types:

Name Display Name Description
account Account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
adminsettingsentity admin_settings_entity
annotation Note Note that is attached to one or more objects, including other notes.
appointment Appointment Commitment representing a time interval with start/end times and duration.
bookableresource Bookable Resource Resource that has capacity which can be allocated to work.
bookableresourcebooking Bookable Resource Booking Represents the line details of a resource booking.
bookableresourcebookingheader Bookable Resource Booking Header Shows the reservation table where the summary of resource bookings are persisted.
bookableresourcecategory Bookable Resource Category Resource category master used to categorize people and equipment.
bookableresourcecategoryassn Bookable Resource Category Assn Association entity to model the categorization of resources.
bookableresourcecharacteristic Bookable Resource Characteristic Associates resources with their characteristics and specifies the proficiency level of a resource for that characteristic.
bookableresourcegroup Bookable Resource Group Associates resources with resource groups that they are a member of.
bookingstatus Booking Status Allows creation of multiple sub statuses mapped to a booking status option.
campaign Campaign Container for campaign activities and responses, sales literature, products, and lists to create, plan, execute, and track the results of a specific marketing campaign through its life.
campaignactivity Campaign Activity Task performed, or to be performed, by a user for planning or running a campaign.
campaignresponse Campaign Response Response from an existing or a potential new customer for a campaign.
characteristic Characteristic Skills, education and certifications of resources.
connection Connection Relationship between two entities.
connectionreference Connection Reference
connector Connector Connector Entity to support Solutioning Integration
contact Contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
contract Contract Agreement to provide customer service during a specified amount of time or number of cases.
duplicaterule Duplicate Detection Rule Rule used to identify potential duplicates.
email Email Activity that is delivered using email protocols.
emailserverprofile Email Server Profile Holds the Email Server Profiles of an organization
entitlement Entitlement Defines the amount and type of support a customer should receive.
environmentvariabledefinition Environment Variable Definition Contains information about the settable variable: its type, default value, and etc.
environmentvariablevalue Environment Variable Value Holds the value for the associated EnvironmentVariableDefinition entity.
fax Fax Activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages for a fax and optionally stores an electronic copy of the document.
feedback Feedback Container for feedback and ratings for knowledge articles.
flowsession Flow Session Entity to store the information that is generated when a modern flow or UI flow runs.
goal Goal Target objective for a user or a team for a specified time period.
goalrollupquery Rollup Query Query that is used to filter the results of the goal rollup.
import Data Import Status and ownership information for an import job.
importfile Import Source File File name of file used for import.
importmap Data Map Data map used in import.
incident Case Service request case associated with a contract.
incidentresolution Case Resolution Special type of activity that includes description of the resolution, billing status, and the duration of the case.
invoice Invoice Order that has been billed.
knowledgearticle Knowledge Article Organizational knowledge for internal and external use.
knowledgebaserecord Knowledge Base Record Metadata of knowledge base (KB) articles associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities.
lead Lead Prospect or potential sales opportunity. Leads are converted into accounts, contacts, or opportunities when they are qualified. Otherwise, they are deleted or archived.
letter Letter Activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.
list Marketing List Group of existing or potential customers created for a marketing campaign or other sales purposes.
mailbox Mailbox
mailmergetemplate Mail Merge Template Template for a mail merge document that contains the standard attributes of that document.
msdyn_accountpricelist Account Project Price List Sales price list for this customer to capture special pricing agreements for products, roles and categories.
msdyn_actual Actual
msdyn_agreement Agreement Provides ability to store details about service agreements you have with your customers
msdyn_agreementbookingdate Agreement Booking Date Specify the maintenance booking dates for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementbookingincident Agreement Booking Incident Specify the booking incident for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementbookingproduct Agreement Booking Product Specify the booking product for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementbookingservice Agreement Booking Service Specify the booking service for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementbookingservicetask Agreement Booking Service Task Specify the booking service task for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementbookingsetup Agreement Booking Setup Specify the maintenance bookings for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementinvoicedate Agreement Invoice Date Specify the invoice dates for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementinvoiceproduct Agreement Invoice Product Specify the booking product invoice for the agreement.
msdyn_agreementinvoicesetup Agreement Invoice Setup Specify the invoices for this agreement.
msdyn_agreementsubstatus Agreement Substatus Specify custom agreement substatuses, which can be used to specify the current agreement status more precisely.
msdyn_aibdataset AI Builder Dataset
msdyn_aibdatasetfile AI Builder Dataset File
msdyn_aibdatasetrecord AI Builder Dataset Record
msdyn_aibdatasetscontainer AI Builder Datasets Container
msdyn_aibfile AI Builder File
msdyn_aibfileattacheddata AI Builder File Attached Data
msdyn_aiconfiguration AI Configuration
msdyn_aifptrainingdocument AI Form Processing Document
msdyn_aimodel AI Model
msdyn_aiodimage AI Object Detection Image
msdyn_aiodlabel AI Object Detection Label
msdyn_aiodtrainingboundingbox AI Object Detection Bounding Box
msdyn_aiodtrainingimage AI Object Detection Image Mapping
msdyn_aitemplate AI Template
msdyn_analysiscomponent Analysis Component
msdyn_analysisjob Analysis Job
msdyn_analysisresult Analysis Result
msdyn_analysisresultdetail Analysis Result Detail
msdyn_approval Project Service Approval Container for approvals.
msdyn_bookingalert Booking Alert Alerts that notify schedule board users of booking issues or information.
msdyn_bookingalertstatus Booking Alert Status The status of a booking alert.
msdyn_bookingchange Booking Change An internal entity used to track changes that affect the schedule board.
msdyn_bookingjournal Booking Journal System generated journal to calculate the cost of the resource bookings
msdyn_bookingrule Booking Rule Specify custom rules to be validated by the system before saving a booking record.
msdyn_bookingsetupmetadata Booking Setup Metadata
msdyn_bookingtimestamp Booking Timestamp Tracks status changes of bookings and timestamps the change of the status
msdyn_characteristicreqforteammember Competency Requirement (Deprecated) Characteristic requirement for team member
msdyn_clientextension Client Extension
msdyn_configuration Configuration This entity is used to store queries and templates.
msdyn_contactpricelist Contact Price List Specific sales price list for this customer to capture special pricing agreements for products, roles, and categories.
msdyn_contractlinescheduleofvalue Project Contract Line Milestone List of billing milestones and invoice amounts for this project contract line.
msdyn_customerasset Customer Asset Specify customer asset.
msdyn_dataexport Actual Data Export (Deprecated) Data export entity for the actual entity.
msdyn_delegation Delegation Delegation of time, expense entities among users
msdyn_estimate Estimate Labor, cost, and revenue estimates for a project.
msdyn_estimateline Estimate Line Estimates on a per day timescale.
msdyn_expense Expense Main container that holds expense information.
msdyn_expensereceipt Expense Receipt Table that contains expense receipt information.
msdyn_fact Fact Aggregated fact entity for actual transactions.
msdyn_fieldcomputation Field Computation Product properties whose values are to be considered as factors for quantity computation on a transaction line.
msdyn_fieldservicesetting Field Service Setting Settings controlling functionality related to Field Service
msdyn_fieldserviceslaconfiguration Field Service SLA Configuration Allows configuration of SLA Type and appropriate behavior based on creation and update of SLA KPI Instances related to Field Service entities.
msdyn_findworkevent Find Work Event (Deprecated in v3.0) Entity used for counting the number of times resources apply for open positions and other behavioral attributes of resources.
msdyn_incidenttype Incident Type Incident types define the various types of incidents (issues) that a customer could report, on which work orders are based.
msdyn_incidenttypecharacteristic Incident Type Characteristic Specify characteristic insident type.
msdyn_incidenttypeproduct Incident Type Product This entity gives the ability to pre-configure products to be added to a work order when the related incident is added to the work order
msdyn_incidenttypeservice Incident Type Service This entity gives the ability to pre-configure services to be added to a work order when the related incident is added to the work order
msdyn_incidenttypeservicetask Incident Type Service Task In this entity you define all the default service tasks that should be added to the work order as soon as this incident type is added to the work order
msdyn_integrationjob Integration Job Staging table for integration data
msdyn_integrationjobdetail Integration Job Detail Staging table for integration data lines
msdyn_inventoryadjustment Inventory Adjustment Records inventory adjustments
msdyn_inventoryadjustmentproduct Inventory Adjustment Product Records product affected by an inventory adjustment or inventory transfer
msdyn_inventoryjournal Inventory Journal Inventory change tracking
msdyn_inventorytransfer Inventory Transfer Records inventory adjustments
msdyn_invoicelinetransaction Invoice Line Detail Transactions that are associated to an invoice line.
msdyn_iotalert IoT Alert
msdyn_iotdevice IoT Device Represents a connected device that can be registered with an IoT provider.
msdyn_iotdevicecategory IoT Device Category Used to categorize IoT devices.
msdyn_iotdevicecommand IoT Device Command Represents an outgoing message to a device connected to an IoT provider.
msdyn_iotdeviceregistrationhistory IoT Device Registration History Tracks registration activities on an IoT device.
msdyn_journal Journal Unposted business transactions, for example, time and expense.
msdyn_journalline Journal Line Unposted business transaction line details.
msdyn_opportunitylineresourcecategory Opportunity Line Resource Category (Deprecated) List of roles that will be considered as costs when understanding the profit of an opportunity line (Deprecated in v3.0)
msdyn_opportunitylinetransaction Opportunity Line Detail (Deprecated) Sales estimate detail of an opportunity line (Deprecated in v3.0)
msdyn_opportunitylinetransactioncategory Opportunity Line Transaction Category (Deprecated) List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of an opportunity line (Deprecated in v3.0)
msdyn_opportunitylinetransactionclassificatio Opportunity Line Transaction Classification (Deprecated) List of transaction classification heads, which are four broad cost categories of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of an opportunity line (Deprecated in v3.0)
msdyn_opportunitypricelist Opportunity Project Price List Sales price list that will used by the opportunity to set default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_orderinvoicingdate Order Invoicing Date
msdyn_orderinvoicingproduct Order Invoicing Product
msdyn_orderinvoicingsetup Order Invoicing Setup
msdyn_orderinvoicingsetupdate Order Invoicing Setup Date
msdyn_orderlineresourcecategory Project Contract Line Resource Category List of roles that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransaction Project Contract Line Detail Sales estimate detail of an project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransactioncategory Project Contract Line Transaction Category List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransactionclassification Project Contract Line Transaction Classification List of transaction classification heads, which are four broad cost categories of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderpricelist Project Contract Project Price List Sales price list used on the contract to set default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_payment Payment Specify payment.
msdyn_paymentdetail Payment Detail Specify payment details.
msdyn_paymentmethod Payment Method Specify payment method.
msdyn_paymentterm Payment Term Specify payment terms used for billing.
msdyn_postalbum Profile Album Contains user profile images that are stored as attachments and displayed in posts.
msdyn_postalcode Postal Code Specify postal codes and their relationship to territories.
msdyn_priority Priority Priorities to be used on bookings. In addition, a color could be specified for each priority type and the color selected will be shown visually on the schedule board.
msdyn_project Project Delivery entity in an engagement.
msdyn_projectapproval Project Approval
msdyn_projectpricelist Project Price List
msdyn_projecttask Project Task Tasks related to project.
msdyn_projecttaskdependency Project Task Dependency Dependency data between tasks.
msdyn_projecttaskstatususer Project Task Status User User status for project tasks (Deprecated in v3.0).
msdyn_projectteam Project Team Member Entity used to model relationship between resources and project teams.
msdyn_projecttransactioncategory Project Transaction Category (Deprecated) (Deprecated in v3.0)
msdyn_purchaseorder Purchase Order Record Purchase Orders pertaining to Work Orders or otherwise
msdyn_purchaseorderbill Purchase Order Bill Specify purchase order bill.
msdyn_purchaseorderproduct Purchase Order Product Record products to be ordered on purchase order
msdyn_purchaseorderreceipt Purchase Order Receipt Specify purchase order receipt.
msdyn_purchaseorderreceiptproduct Purchase Order Receipt Product Specify product for purchase order receipt.
msdyn_purchaseordersubstatus Purchase Order SubStatus Specify custom PO Substatuses, which can be used to specify the current PO status more precisely.
msdyn_quotebookingincident Quote Booking Incident Stores the Incidents associated with Quote and Quote Booking Setup
msdyn_quotebookingproduct Quote Booking Product Provides ability to store information about the products that are associated with Quote Booking Setup
msdyn_quotebookingservice Quote Booking Service Stores details about the services associated with Quote Booking Setup
msdyn_quotebookingservicetask Quote Booking Service Task
msdyn_quotebookingsetup Quote Booking Setup Specify the maintenance bookings for the agreement.
msdyn_quoteinvoicingproduct Quote Invoicing Product
msdyn_quoteinvoicingsetup Quote Invoicing Setup
msdyn_quotelineanalyticsbreakdown Quote Line Analytics Breakdown Reporting entity that is used to show quoted sales and estimated cost amounts by various dimensions.
msdyn_quotelineresourcecategory Quote Line Resource Category List of roles that will be considered as costs when understanding the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinescheduleofvalue Quote Line Milestone List of billing milestones and invoice amounts for this quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransaction Quote Line Detail Sales estimate detail of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransactioncategory Quote Line Transaction Category List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransactionclassification Quote Line Transaction Classification List of transaction classification heads, the four broad cost classifications of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotepricelist Quote Project Price List Sales price list that will used by the quote to default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_requirementcharacteristic Requirement Characteristic Requirement Characteristic
msdyn_requirementorganizationunit Requirement Organization Unit Requirement of Organization Unit
msdyn_requirementresourcecategory Requirement Resource Category Requirement Resource Category
msdyn_requirementresourcepreference Requirement Resource Preference Requirement Resource Preference
msdyn_requirementstatus Requirement Status Requirement Status
msdyn_resourceassignment Resource Assignment Entity used to keep track of resource assignment header information on tasks.
msdyn_resourceassignmentdetail Resource Assignment Detail (Deprecated in v2.0) Entity used to keep track of resource assignment details on tasks.
msdyn_resourcepaytype Resource Pay Type Pay Types of resources hourly rate to calculate the resource cost
msdyn_resourcerequest Resource Request Entity that wraps the resource requirement to capture the type of resources, skills, and location required.
msdyn_resourcerequirement Resource Requirement Entity used to track the high-level information about resource requirements.
msdyn_resourcerequirementdetail Resource Requirement Detail Entity used to track the detailed information about resource requirements.
msdyn_resourceterritory Resource Territory Allows to specify for which territory a resource could provide services for
msdyn_rma RMA Records RMAs for products to be retuned from customers
msdyn_rmaproduct RMA Product Records products to be returned on an RMA
msdyn_rmareceipt RMA Receipt Specify RMA receipt.
msdyn_rmareceiptproduct RMA Receipt Product Specify RMA receipt product.
msdyn_rmasubstatus RMA SubStatus Specify custom RMA substatuses, which can be used to specify the current RMA status more precisely.
msdyn_rolecompetencyrequirement Role competency requirement Entity used to associate skills in a role.
msdyn_roleutilization Role Utilization Gathers data about utilization per role to display in a chart
msdyn_rtv RTV Records RTVs for products to be retuned to vendors
msdyn_rtvproduct RTV Product Records products to be returned on an RTV
msdyn_rtvsubstatus RTV Substatus Specify custom RTV substatuses, which can be used to specify the current RTV status more precisely.
msdyn_salesinsightssettings salesinsightssettings Storing settings for studio feature
msdyn_scheduleboardsetting Schedule Board Setting To store settings of SB by user & tabs
msdyn_servicetasktype Service Task Type Specify the different service task and labor types that your resources perform as part of their work orders.
msdyn_shipvia Ship Via Specify the different shipping methods used.
msdyn_siconfig siconfig
msdyn_systemuserschedulersetting System User Scheduler Setting Stores user-specific settings for the schedule board.
msdyn_taxcode Tax Code Store tax related information. Each tax code could contain multiple child tax codes, and in that case the tax rate will be determined by the total tax of all children.
msdyn_taxcodedetail Tax Code Detail In this entity you can link multiple tax codes together to form a group of tax codes to be charged for the customer to form the total tax.
msdyn_timeentry Time Entry Entity used for time entry.
msdyn_timegroup Fulfillment Preference Specify time groups consisting of multiple time windows to be used for scheduling, for example.
msdyn_timegroupdetail Time Group Detail Specify individual time windows under a time group.
msdyn_timeoffcalendar Time Off Calendar Relationship table for time off calendar entries.
msdyn_timeoffrequest Time Off Request Specify time resource time off request.
msdyn_transactionconnection Transaction Connection System entity used to establish connections between the cost, unbilled revenue, and billed revenue components of a transaction as they happen.
msdyn_transactionorigin Transaction Origin System entity used to record the source of a project cost or sales actual.
msdyn_userworkhistory User Work History Entity used to look up resources based on demonstrated skills.
msdyn_wallsavedqueryusersettings Filter Contains user personalization information regarding which of the administrator’s selected views to display on a user’s personal wall.
msdyn_warehouse Warehouse Warehouses where inventory products are stored and managed
msdyn_workhourtemplate Work template Template where resource working hours can be saved and reused.
msdyn_workorder Work Order Work orders store all information about the job performed for an account. Stores incident details, resource, expenses, tasks, communications, billing and more
msdyn_workordercharacteristic Work Order Characteristic (Deprecated) This entity is deprecated.
msdyn_workorderincident Work Order Incident Specify work order incidents reported to you by the client. These are also referred to as problem codes.
msdyn_workorderproduct Work Order Product In this entity you record all the products proposed and used for a work order
msdyn_workorderresourcerestriction Resource Restriction (Deprecated) This entity is deprecated.
msdyn_workorderservice Work Order Service Record all services proposed and performed for work order
msdyn_workorderservicetask Work Order Service Task Store service tasks that are to be performed for this work order
msdyn_workordersubstatus Work Order Substatus Specify custom work order substatuses, which can be used to specify the current work order status more precisely.
msdyn_workordertype Work Order Type Create different work order types to reflect the different types of work that your company offers. Work Order types are used to control various settings on a work order.
opportunity Opportunity Potential revenue-generating event, or sale to an account, which needs to be tracked through a sales process to completion.
opportunityclose Opportunity Close Activity that is created automatically when an opportunity is closed, containing information such as the description of the closing and actual revenue.
orderclose Order Close Activity generated automatically when an order is closed.
personaldocumenttemplate Personal Document Template Used to store Personal Document Templates in database in binary format.
phonecall Phone Call Activity to track a telephone call.
processsession Process Session Information that is generated when a dialog is run. Every time that you run a dialog, a dialog session is created.
queue Queue A list of records that require action, such as accounts, activities, and cases.
quote Quote Formal offer for products and/or services, proposed at specific prices and related payment terms, which is sent to a prospective customer.
quoteclose Quote Close Activity generated when a quote is closed.
ratingmodel Rating Model Represents a model to evaluate skills or other related entities.
ratingvalue Rating Value A unique value associated with a rating model that allows providing a user friendly rating value.
recurringappointmentmaster Recurring Appointment The Master appointment of a recurring appointment series.
report Report Data summary in an easy-to-read layout.
salesorder Order Quote that has been accepted.
serviceappointment Service Activity Activity offered by the organization to satisfy its customer's needs. Each service activity includes date, time, duration, and required resources.
sharepointdocumentlocation Document Location Document libraries or folders on a SharePoint server from where documents can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
sharepointsite SharePoint Site SharePoint site from where documents can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
sla SLA Contains information about the tracked service-level KPIs for cases that belong to different customers.
slakpiinstance SLA KPI Instance Service level agreement (SLA) key performance indicator (KPI) instance that is tracked for an individual case
socialactivity Social Activity For internal use only.
socialprofile Social Profile This entity is used to store social profile information of its associated account and contacts on different social channels.
task Task Generic activity representing work needed to be done.
template Email Template Template for an email message that contains the standard attributes of an email message.
userform User Dashboard User-owned dashboards.
userquery Saved View Saved database query that is owned by a user.
userqueryvisualization User Chart Chart attached to an entity.
workflow Process Set of logical rules that define the steps necessary to automate a specific business process, task, or set of actions to be performed.

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