msdyn_workorder EntityType

Work orders store all information about the job performed for an account. Stores incident details, resource, expenses, tasks, communications, billing and more

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.0/msdyn_workorders
Base Type
Display Name
Work Order
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was created. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
exchangerate Edm.Decimal

Shows the exchange rate for the currency associated with the entity with respect to the base currency.

Display Name: Exchange Rate

Read Only
importsequencenumber Edm.Int32

Shows the sequence number of the import that created this record.

Display Name: Import Sequence Number

modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was last updated. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Modified On

Read Only
msdyn_address1 Edm.String

Display Name: Street 1

msdyn_address2 Edm.String

Display Name: Street 2

msdyn_address3 Edm.String

Display Name: Street 3

msdyn_addressname Edm.String

Display Name: Address Name

msdyn_autonumbering Edm.String

Internal field used to generate the next name upon entity creation. It is optionally copied to the msdyn_name field.

Display Name: Auto-Numbering

msdyn_bookingsummary Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: Booking Summary

msdyn_childindex Edm.Int32

Display Name: Child Index

msdyn_city Edm.String

Display Name: City

msdyn_country Edm.String

Display Name: Country/Region

msdyn_datewindowend Edm.DateTimeOffset

Display Name: Date Window End

msdyn_datewindowstart Edm.DateTimeOffset

Display Name: Date Window Start

msdyn_estimatesubtotalamount Edm.Decimal

Enter the summary of total estimated billing amount for this work order

Display Name: Estimate Subtotal Amount

msdyn_estimatesubtotalamount_base Edm.Decimal

Shows the value of the estimate subtotal amount in the base currency.

Display Name: Estimate Subtotal Amount (Base)

Read Only
msdyn_followupnote Edm.String

Indicate the details of the follow up work

Display Name: Follow Up Note (Deprecated)

msdyn_followuprequired Edm.Boolean

Allows indication if follow up work is required for a work order.

Display Name: Follow Up Required (Deprecated)

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_instructions Edm.String

Shows instructions for booked resources. By default, this information is taken from the work order instructions field on the service account.

Display Name: Instructions

msdyn_internalflags Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: Internal Flags

msdyn_isfollowup Edm.Boolean

Display Name: Is FollowUp (Deprecated)

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_ismobile Edm.Boolean

Display Name: Is Mobile

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_latitude Edm.Double

Display Name: Latitude

msdyn_longitude Edm.Double

Display Name: Longitude

msdyn_mapcontrol Edm.String

Display Name: This field should only be used to load the custom map control

Read Only
msdyn_name Edm.String

Enter the name of the custom entity.

Display Name: Work Order Number

msdyn_postalcode Edm.String

Display Name: Postal Code

msdyn_primaryincidentdescription Edm.String

Incident description

Display Name: Primary Incident Description

msdyn_primaryincidentestimatedduration Edm.Int32

Shows the time estimated to resolve this incident.

Display Name: Primary Incident Estimated Duration

msdyn_stateorprovince Edm.String

Display Name: State Or Province

msdyn_subtotalamount Edm.Decimal

Enter the summary of subtotal billing amount excluding tax for this work order.

Display Name: Subtotal Amount

msdyn_subtotalamount_base Edm.Decimal

Shows the value of the subtotal amount in the base currency.

Display Name: Subtotal Amount (Base)

Read Only
msdyn_systemstatus Edm.Int32

Tracks the current system status.

Display Name: System Status

Default Options
Value Label
690970000 Open - Unscheduled
690970001 Open - Scheduled
690970002 Open - In Progress
690970003 Open - Completed
690970004 Closed - Posted
690970005 Closed - Canceled
msdyn_taxable Edm.Boolean

Shows whether sales tax is to be charged for this work order.

Display Name: Taxable

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
msdyn_timeclosed Edm.DateTimeOffset

Enter the time this work order was last closed.

Display Name: Closed On

msdyn_timefrompromised Edm.DateTimeOffset

Enter the starting range of the time promised to the account that incidents will be resolved.

Display Name: Time From Promised

msdyn_timetopromised Edm.DateTimeOffset

Enter the ending range of the time promised to the account that incidents will be resolved.

Display Name: Time To Promised

msdyn_timewindowend Edm.DateTimeOffset

Display Name: Time Window End

msdyn_timewindowstart Edm.DateTimeOffset

Display Name: Time Window Start

msdyn_totalamount Edm.Decimal

Enter the summary of total billing amount for this work order.

Display Name: Total Amount

msdyn_totalamount_base Edm.Decimal

Shows the value of the total amount in the base currency.

Display Name: Total Amount (Base)

Read Only
msdyn_totalsalestax Edm.Decimal

Enter the summary of total sales tax charged for this work order.

Display Name: Total Sales Tax

msdyn_totalsalestax_base Edm.Decimal

Shows the value of the total sales tax in the base currency.

Display Name: Total Sales Tax (Base)

Read Only
msdyn_worklocation Edm.Int32

Display Name: Work Location

Default Options
Value Label
690970000 Onsite
690970001 Facility
690970002 Location Agnostic
msdyn_workorderid Edm.Guid

Shows the entity instances.

Display Name: WO Number

msdyn_workordersummary Edm.String

Type a summary description of the job.

Display Name: Work Order Summary

overriddencreatedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time that the record was migrated.

Display Name: Record Created On

processid Edm.Guid

Shows the ID of the process associated with the entity.

Display Name: Process Id

statecode Edm.Int32

Status of the Work Order

Display Name: Status

Default Options
Value Label
0 Active
1 Inactive
statuscode Edm.Int32

Reason for the status of the Work Order

Display Name: Status Reason

Default Options
Value Label
1 Active
2 Inactive
timezoneruleversionnumber Edm.Int32

For internal use only.

Display Name: Time Zone Rule Version Number

traversedpath Edm.String

Shows a comma-separated list of string values representing the unique identifiers of stages in a business process flow instance in the order that they occur.

Display Name: Traversed Path

utcconversiontimezonecode Edm.Int32

Shows the time zone code that was in use when the record was created.

Display Name: UTC Conversion Time Zone Code

versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version Number

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Retrieve data about lookup properties.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_createdby_value createdby

Unique identifier of the user who created the record.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Shows who created the record on behalf of another user.

_modifiedby_value modifiedby

Unique identifier of the user who modified the record.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Shows who last updated the record on behalf of another user.

_msdyn_agreement_value msdyn_agreement

Shows the agreement linked to this work order.

_msdyn_billingaccount_value msdyn_billingaccount

Account to be billed. If a billing account has been set on service account it will be populated by default. Otherwise, the billing account will be the same as the service account.

_msdyn_closedby_value msdyn_closedby

The user that last closed this work order

_msdyn_customerasset_value msdyn_customerasset

Customer Asset related to this incident reported

_msdyn_iotalert_value msdyn_IoTAlert

The iot alert which initiated this work order.

_msdyn_opportunityid_value msdyn_opportunityid

Unique identifier for Opportunity associated with Work Order.

_msdyn_parentworkorder_value msdyn_parentworkorder_msdyn_workorder

Unique identifier for Work Order associated with Work Order.

_msdyn_preferredresource_value msdyn_preferredresource

The customer Preferred Resource to work on this job. Should be taken into consideration while scheduling resources

_msdyn_pricelist_value msdyn_pricelist

Price List that controls pricing for products / services added to this work order. By default the system will use the Price List specified on the account

_msdyn_primaryincidenttype_value msdyn_primaryincidenttype

Primary incident type reported

_msdyn_priority_value msdyn_priority

Priority of the Work Order. To be taken into consideration while scheduling resources

_msdyn_reportedbycontact_value msdyn_reportedbycontact

The contact that reported this Work Order

_msdyn_serviceaccount_value msdyn_serviceaccount

Account to be serviced

_msdyn_servicerequest_value msdyn_servicerequest

Case of which this work order originates from

_msdyn_serviceterritory_value msdyn_serviceterritory

The service territory this work order relates to. By default this will be set to the Service Territory defined on the service account

_msdyn_substatus_value msdyn_substatus

Work Order subsstatus

_msdyn_supportcontact_value msdyn_SupportContact

A support contact can be specified so that the individual working on the work order has someone to contact for assistance.

_msdyn_taxcode_value msdyn_taxcode

Tax Code to be used to calculate tax when Work Order is taxable. By default the system will use the tax code specified on the service account

_msdyn_timegroup_value msdyn_timegroup
_msdyn_timegroupdetailselected_value msdyn_timegroupdetailselected
_msdyn_workhourtemplate_value msdyn_workhourtemplate

The working hours for a requirement.

_msdyn_workorderarrivaltimekpiid_value msdyn_workorderarrivaltimekpiid

For internal use only.

_msdyn_workorderresolutionkpiid_value msdyn_workorderresolutionkpiid

For internal use only.

_msdyn_workordertype_value msdyn_workordertype

Work Order Type

_ownerid_value ownerid

Owner Id

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Unique identifier for the business unit that owns the record

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier for the team that owns the record.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier for the user that owns the record.

_stageid_value stageid

Shows the ID of the stage where the entity is located.

_transactioncurrencyid_value transactioncurrencyid

Unique identifier of the currency associated with the entity.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
createdby systemuser lk_msdyn_workorder_createdby
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_msdyn_workorder_createdonbehalfby
modifiedby systemuser lk_msdyn_workorder_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_msdyn_workorder_modifiedonbehalfby
msdyn_agreement msdyn_agreement msdyn_msdyn_agreement_msdyn_workorder_Agreement
msdyn_billingaccount account msdyn_account_msdyn_workorder_BillingAccount
msdyn_closedby systemuser msdyn_systemuser_msdyn_workorder_ClosedBy
msdyn_customerasset msdyn_customerasset msdyn_msdyn_customerasset_msdyn_workorder_CustomerAsset
msdyn_IoTAlert msdyn_iotalert msdyn_msdyn_iotalert_msdyn_workorder_IoTAlert
msdyn_opportunityid opportunity msdyn_opportunity_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_parentworkorder_msdyn_workorder msdyn_workorder msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorder_ParentWorkOrder
msdyn_preferredresource bookableresource msdyn_bookableresource_msdyn_workorder_PreferredResource
msdyn_pricelist pricelevel msdyn_pricelevel_msdyn_workorder_PriceList
msdyn_primaryincidenttype msdyn_incidenttype msdyn_msdyn_incidenttype_msdyn_workorder_PrimaryIncidentType
msdyn_priority msdyn_priority msdyn_msdyn_priority_msdyn_workorder_Priority
msdyn_reportedbycontact contact msdyn_contact_msdyn_workorder_ReportedByContact
msdyn_serviceaccount account msdyn_account_msdyn_workorder_ServiceAccount
msdyn_servicerequest incident msdyn_incident_msdyn_workorder_ServiceRequest
msdyn_serviceterritory territory msdyn_territory_msdyn_workorder_ServiceTerritory
msdyn_substatus msdyn_workordersubstatus msdyn_msdyn_workordersubstatus_msdyn_workorder_Status
msdyn_SupportContact bookableresource msdyn_bookableresource_msdyn_workorder_SupportContact
msdyn_taxcode msdyn_taxcode msdyn_msdyn_taxcode_msdyn_workorder_TaxCode
msdyn_timegroup msdyn_timegroup msdyn_msdyn_timegroup_msdyn_workorder_TimeGroup
msdyn_timegroupdetailselected msdyn_timegroupdetail msdyn_msdyn_timegroupdetail_msdyn_workorder_TimeGroupDetailSelected
msdyn_workhourtemplate msdyn_workhourtemplate msdyn_msdyn_workhourtemplate_msdyn_workorder_workhourtemplate
msdyn_workorderarrivaltimekpiid slakpiinstance msdyn_slakpiinstance_msdyn_workorder_arrival_timekpi
msdyn_workorderresolutionkpiid slakpiinstance msdyn_slakpiinstance_msdyn_workorder_resolutionkpiid
msdyn_workordertype msdyn_workordertype msdyn_msdyn_workordertype_msdyn_workorder_WorkOrderType
ownerid principal owner_msdyn_workorder
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_msdyn_workorder
owningteam team team_msdyn_workorder
owninguser systemuser user_msdyn_workorder
stageid processstage processstage_msdyn_workorder
transactioncurrencyid transactioncurrency TransactionCurrency_msdyn_workorder

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
bpf_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_bpf_477c16f59170487b8b4dc895c5dcd09b msdyn_bpf_477c16f59170487b8b4dc895c5dcd09b bpf_msdyn_workorderid
bpf_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_bpf_989e9b1857e24af18787d5143b67523b msdyn_bpf_989e9b1857e24af18787d5143b67523b bpf_msdyn_workorderid
bpf_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_bpf_d3d97bac8c294105840e99e37a9d1c39 msdyn_bpf_d3d97bac8c294105840e99e37a9d1c39 bpf_msdyn_workorderid
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder bookableresourcebooking msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_invoicedetail invoicedetail msdyn_workorderid
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_actual_WorkOrder msdyn_actual msdyn_WorkOrder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_agreementbookingdate_WorkOrder msdyn_agreementbookingdate msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_inventoryjournal_AllocatedToWorkOrder msdyn_inventoryjournal msdyn_allocatedtoworkorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_iotalert_Workorder msdyn_iotalert msdyn_Workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_payment_WorkOrder msdyn_payment msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_paymentdetail_Workorder msdyn_paymentdetail msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_purchaseorder_WorkOrder msdyn_purchaseorder msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_purchaseorderproduct_AssociateToWorkOrder msdyn_purchaseorderproduct msdyn_associatetoworkorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_purchaseorderreceiptproduct_AssociateToWorkOrder msdyn_purchaseorderreceiptproduct msdyn_associatetoworkorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_requirementcharacteristic_WorkOrder msdyn_requirementcharacteristic msdyn_WorkOrder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_requirementresourcepreference_WorkOrder msdyn_requirementresourcepreference msdyn_WorkOrder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_resourcerequirement_WorkOrder msdyn_resourcerequirement msdyn_WorkOrder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_rma_WorkOrder msdyn_rma msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_rtv_WorkOrder msdyn_rtv msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_rtvproduct_WorkOrder msdyn_rtvproduct msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorder_ParentWorkOrder msdyn_workorder msdyn_parentworkorder_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workordercharacteristic_WorkOrder msdyn_workordercharacteristic msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorderincident_WorkOrder msdyn_workorderincident msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorderproduct_WorkOrder msdyn_workorderproduct msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorderresourcerestriction_WorkOrder msdyn_workorderresourcerestriction msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorderservice_WorkOrder msdyn_workorderservice msdyn_workorder
msdyn_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_workorderservicetask_WorkOrder msdyn_workorderservicetask msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_ActivityPointers activitypointer regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_Annotations annotation objectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_Appointments appointment regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_appointment
msdyn_workorder_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_connections1 connection record1id_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_connections2 connection record2id_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_DuplicateBaseRecord duplicaterecord baserecordid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_DuplicateMatchingRecord duplicaterecord duplicaterecordid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_Emails email regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_email
msdyn_workorder_Faxes fax regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_fax
msdyn_workorder_Letters letter regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_letter
msdyn_workorder_MailboxTrackingFolders mailboxtrackingfolder regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_msdyn_approvals msdyn_approval regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_approval
msdyn_workorder_msdyn_bookingalerts msdyn_bookingalert regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_msdyn_bookingalert
msdyn_workorder_PhoneCalls phonecall regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_phonecall
msdyn_workorder_PrincipalObjectAttributeAccesses principalobjectattributeaccess objectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_ProcessSession processsession regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_QueueItems queueitem objectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_RecurringAppointmentMasters recurringappointmentmaster regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_recurringappointmentmaster
msdyn_workorder_ServiceAppointments serviceappointment regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_serviceappointment
msdyn_workorder_SharePointDocumentLocations sharepointdocumentlocation regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_SocialActivities socialactivity regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_socialactivity
msdyn_workorder_SyncErrors syncerror regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder
msdyn_workorder_Tasks task regardingobjectid_msdyn_workorder_task


The following operations can be used with the msdyn_workorder entity type.

Name Binding
GrantAccess Not Bound
IsValidStateTransition Not Bound
ModifyAccess Not Bound
RetrievePrincipalAccess Not Bound
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess Not Bound
RevokeAccess Not Bound


The following solutions include the msdyn_workorder entity type.

Name Description
Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Use Connected Field Service to monitor connected devices to make sure your customer’s equipment is always functioning properly. If a piece of equipment fails, you’ll receive a notification, so that you can troubleshoot the problem remotely or send a technician to fix it.
Field Service Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows organizations of any size to deliver intelligent, world class field service, managing all aspects of the end-to-end field service management cycle. Features include scheduling, mobile, asset management, inventory control, customer notifications, and resource utilization controls that help maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

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