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The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
actioncard Action card entity to show action cards.
activityparty Person or group associated with an activity. An activity can have multiple activity parties.
activitypointer Task performed, or to be performed, by a user. An activity is any action for which an entry can be made on a calendar.
appointment Commitment representing a time interval with start/end times and duration.
calendarrule Defines free/busy times for a service and for resources or resource groups, such as working, non-working, vacation, and blocked.
connection Relationship between two entities.
constraintbasedgroup Group or collection of people, equipment, and/or facilities that can be scheduled.
contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
contract Agreement to provide customer service during a specified amount of time or number of cases.
contractdetail Line item in a contract that specifies the type of service a customer is entitled to.
contracttemplate Template for a contract containing the standard attributes of a contract.
email Activity that is delivered using email protocols.
entitlement Defines the amount and type of support a customer should receive.
entitlementchannel Defines the amount and type of support for a channel.
entitlementtemplate Contains predefined customer support terms that can be used to created entitlements for customers.
entitlementtemplatechannel Contains predefined support terms for a channel to create entitlements for customers.
equipment Resource that can be scheduled.
fax Activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages for a fax and optionally stores an electronic copy of the document.
incident Service request case associated with a contract.
incidentresolution Special type of activity that includes description of the resolution, billing status, and the duration of the case.
knowledgearticle Organizational knowledge for internal and external use.
knowledgearticleincident Association between an knowledge article and incident.
knowledgebaserecord Metadata of knowledge base (KB) articles associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities.
lead Prospect or potential sales opportunity. Leads are converted into accounts, contacts, or opportunities when they are qualified. Otherwise, they are deleted or archived.
letter Activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.
phonecall Activity to track a telephone call.
phonetocaseprocess Phone To Case Process Business Process Flow
postfollow Represents a user following the activity feed of an object.
postregarding Represents which object an activity feed post is regarding. For internal use only.
recurringappointmentmaster The Master appointment of a recurring appointment series.
resource User or facility/equipment that can be scheduled for a service.
resourcegroup Resource group or team whose members can be scheduled for a service.
resourcespec Selection rule that allows the scheduling engine to select a number of resources from a pool of resources. The rules can be associated with a service.
service Activity that represents work done to satisfy a customer's need.
serviceappointment Activity offered by the organization to satisfy its customer's needs. Each service activity includes date, time, duration, and required resources.
servicecontractcontacts Item in a Service contract.
site Location or branch office where an organization does business. An organization can have multiple sites.
slakpiinstance Service level agreement (SLA) key performance indicator (KPI) instance that is tracked for an individual case
socialactivity For internal use only.
socialprofile This entity is used to store social profile information of its associated account and contacts on different social channels.
systemuser Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.
task Generic activity representing work needed to be done.
template Template for an email message that contains the standard attributes of an email message.

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