PagingInfo ComplexType

Specifies a number of pages and a number of entity instances per page to return from the query.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
PageNumber Edm.Int32

The number of pages returned from the query.

Count Edm.Int32

The number of entity instances returned per page.

ReturnTotalRecordCount Edm.Boolean

The total number of records should be returned from the query.

PagingCookie Edm.String

The info used to page large result sets.

Used by

The following use the PagingInfo ComplexType.

Name How used
RetrieveAttributeChangeHistory Parameter
RetrieveDuplicates Parameter
RetrieveParsedDataImportFile Parameter
RetrieveRecordChangeHistory Parameter
QueryExpression Property

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